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Saturday 9: Mysterious Ways

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Saturday 9: Mysterious Ways (1991)

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1) In honor of St. Patrick's Day (this coming Tuesday), we're featuring one of Ireland's most successful exports, U2. What else is Ireland famous for?

Potatoes. Political and religious unrest. Beautiful green pastures. Castles. Whiskey - and pubs.

2) The Dublin studio where U2 recorded this song (and all of Achtung, Baby) is now a music store called Claddagh Records. U2 pilgrims from all over the world travel to the spot (Celia Street, Dublin 2). If we were to visit your neighborhood, are there any landmarks you could direct us to?

Right down the road from me is the famous Homestead Speedway. if you're a NASCAR fan (I'm not), you'll have heard of it, surely. When a big race is on, we can hear the cars zooming 'round the track from inside our abode.

3) Lead singer Bono is rarely seen without his trademark sunglasses because he suffers from glaucoma. How is your vision? 20/20?

I have glaucoma, too. And nooooo. I am never without my spectacles or my contacts. My vision is about 20/200 in one eye and 20/250 in the other. No bueno.

4) Bono and wife Alison were married in 1982 and are still together today. Who is the longest-married couple you know?

My grandparents celebrated over 50 years of marriage. They're both gone now. I am not sure who else has been married that long, but I hope to get there one day with Hubs!

5) When Bono inducted Frank Sinatra into the Grammy Hall of Fame, he applauded the older man's "swagger." Do you think you have swagger?

No way. I'm supposed to, though, according to JAFRA USA President Paulo Moledo. Because of our superior product line and excellent commission structure, he says, we should carry ourselves with serious swagger. I'm workin' on it!

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6) Bono has been honored by world leaders, including President Obama and Nelson Mandela and the Pope, for his philanthropy. Here's your turn to brag: tell us something you have received praise for recently.

My friend Patsy complimented me on my brilliant children, saying they "think outside, under and around the box" or something similar to that. Loved that - since we homeschool!

8) On St. Patrick's Day, will you wear green?

Normally I don't, because I'm not even the least bit Irish, but this year I will be doing a St. Patty's promotion for my JAFRA business, so I will get into the Irish spirit with that.

9) Will you enjoy a glass of green beer or maybe a Shamrock Shake from McDonald's?

Negative. I don't like beer and can't have all that sugar. Although I did have a sip or two of Hubs' Shocktop at the Mardi Gras festival we went to today! 

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