#Wordless Wednesday: The Littlest Fur-Babies
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So on Monday, April 13th, this girl of mine, Sophia Lorelei, our fourth and last bitty baby, turned a DECADE old. Oh ma garsh! TEN?! How fast those years flew by me.


I treated her to a Polar Pineapple Smoothie at Robek's around the corner, since that's one of her favorite treats. She literally asks for it at least once a week, if not every single time we're in that shopping plaza (which is sometimes every day). Happy kid = happy mom.


The next treat was taking Sophie to the Hair Cuttery next to Robek's to let her get the tips of her hair dyed royal blue. It was AWESOME. {She's also wearing earrings and sporting a temporary tattoo from the Miami Youth Fair we went to, more birthday treats during what my lovely MIL terms "Birthday Season!"}

What was NOT so awesome was that, despite being promised 2-6 weeks of color, she waited three days before washing her hair and then used color-treated hair-specific shampoo and conditioner... and it all came out. Uh. Big bummer. We went back in to show them, and we'll be going back in soonly to have them redo it. More permanently this time, I hope.


Sophia's favorite flowers are pink carnations, so when we ran to Publix and spied such a bouquet or two, I had her pick one out for another treat. The clown nose? Well... that was for a fundraiser they are running at Walgreens, and we snagged one for the purposes of silliness. Because she is a LOT like her mom in that regard!


We were actually at Publix not for carnations but for ice cream cake. I had planned to make her a Duff Pink Camo cake like so:


...but as I'm having numerous severe, ongoing medical issues right now, and that night was particularly miserable for me, she agreed to a Carvel cake instead. Good enough for me! We got a big ol' one, because ice cream cake. And I had a coupon, so it was all good.

The candles were supposed to be musical, but they did not work for me. I even fried my right thumb lighting and relighting the candles and messing with those musical two in an attempt to get them to work, to no avail. Humph.

Meanwhile, my tech-brained son Jack was able to get them working in seconds. Like he is always doing, fixing up what I can't manage where anything remotely mechanical or technical is concerned. Kid's a wiz, I tell ya!


The birthday gift Sophia most cherished from Mom & Dad was her new kitten, "Sugarplum Yogurt" (don't ask, that's just the kind of kidoodle she is!). Well, spontaneously, when we were picking up Plum, we decided to get the cat Hubs is holding, too, as a gift to HIM. Rob named him "Spike," after I mispronounced "Spice" for "Sugarplum and Spice" as a cutesy joke.

So now, (gah!) Team Odette consists of five human members, four feline ones, and a pooch. One pet per human. Everyone has a cat except me, because though I lurve the kitteh-cats, I am definitely a doggy person.


On Wednesday, Sophie received a birthday card with some cashola in it from her paternal grandpappy and step-grandma, Denise. Though I had little time for it, she begged and begged to go to Toys 'R' Us for some "LPS" (AKA Littlest Pet Shop) accoutrement.

Welp, since I ended up busting off an essential piece of my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone and we had to go uptown to Kendall to have it fixed, guess what? Time was made for a TRU visit after all. With her birthday moolah, Sophia bought two LPS toys, including a limo and a panda in some kind of tent-y thing. I was rooting for her to get the LPS Eiffel Tower toy, which was très cool, IMHO, but she said negatory to that choice. Eh, well. Her money. Happy kid, etc.


Meanwhile, back to the kittens. Rob is, seriously, like the Pied Piper of fur-babies. As you can see, he likes to nap, and the littlest of our pets need to nap frequently. He is their bed of choice. There are Paco the Chihuahua on the bottom left, Sugarplum on the bottom right, Robert (der), and Spike in the center. So cute, right?!


Throwback: Sophia, circa 2007, age two

Anyway, I can't believe my youngest kiddo is TEN years old. Holy schmoly. I'm still in denial. I could post a litany of traits about her which make her truly amazing, but suffice it to say that she is. By the time her end has come, the world will know her name, I guarantee it.

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