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Saturday 9: Easter Parade

So, I'm a day late and a dollar short. What of it? I was busy doing family stuff, but here I am now, so let's go! Link up here.

Saturday 9: Easter Parade ("In Your Easter Bonnet") (1933)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is about a special Easter hat to be worn with your "Sunday best." Will you be getting dressed up this weekend?


This is what the kids will be wearing today. We're going Miami-casual. I haven't decided on my attire yet. Yes, I'm one of those annoying moms who likes to coordinate the kids' holiday outfits.

2) Sam is not crazy about hats because she cannot stand "hat hair." Do you have a lot of hats or caps?

No, I don't feel I look good in them. I have one, maybe two, hats. I do have a lot of bandannas from I shaved my head a few years back, though!

3) This song was inspired by New York City's Easter Parade. Does your community host a similar event?

Not that I know of here in Homestead, but y'know, I should probably investigate that...?

4) On April 6, President Obama and Michelle will host lucky children for the 137th White House Easter Egg Roll. Which are your favorite eggs: colored hard-boiled eggs, chocolate marshmallow eggs, or plastic eggs with coins inside?

Hard-boiled, particularly deviled, of which I will be making tons this year. We dyed three dozen eggs yesterday! (Truth be told, though, I could make myself sick on Cadbury Mini Eggs!)

5) How about Peeps? Would you rather have yellow chicks or pink bunnies?

Negative. I'm not a marshmallow fan. My kids love Peeps, though, so they'll each be getting some in their baskets!

6) The biggest chocolate Easter egg was made in Italy,  measured 34 feet tall and weighed a staggering 15,000 lbs. Do you thinks it's possible to have too much chocolate?

Pre-gastric bypass surgery, I would've laughed at the notion. Now, though, I have to be very careful. Too much sugar (or fat), and I'm completely miserable. I don't mind this; it keeps me honest!

7) Jelly beans are also popular this time of year. A 2013 poll tells us that red is by far the favorite jelly bean color, with yellow a distant second. Do you have a preference?

My entire life, I have absolutely hated jelly beans. Too much sweetness. I also hate fudge and frosting, for pretty much the same reason. Blech!

8) We've been talking a lot about sweets this morning. The only holiday that generates more candy sales is Halloween. When do you eat more candy: Easter or Halloween?

It's probably equal. I was just lamenting to a Walgreens manager yesterday about all the holidays focusing on candy anymore. Hopefully, we are personally finding a proper balance, but it's a process!

9) Easter is considered the season of rebirth. What makes you feel refreshed or rejuvenated?

Nothing does me better than sleep and a good bath or shower. I do not feel like I can really have a day without it; even if I don't get in there until 10 PM, I simply MUST shower every day!

Now for Sunday Stealing! Happy Easter, y'all!