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Choose Beautiful Or Choose Average?

Have you seen these ads by Dove?

What do you think you would do, Women of the World, if you were confronted with two doors like these, and no one was watching you enter?

Would you choose to enter through the "Beautiful" door? 

or, like me,

would you choose to enter the "Average" door?

I would love to know your thoughts, and of course, this being my blahg, you know I'm fixin' to share mine.

I learned a long time ago, when I was a graduate student working on my Ph.D. in Biology at the University of South Florida in Tampa, that my brain does not work the same way most peoples' brains work.

This dawned on me over time when, Friday after Friday, in our Discussions of published papers session in the lab. When everyone else seemed to have an agreement as to the quality of the experiment we were discussing, or the veracity of the findings, or whatever whatever, and when I had read the paper myself, my thoughts had gone in an entirely different direction about the work.

It was frustrating and, at the same time, enlightening. I learned to accept that I was always going to have a different opinion, that I was never going to see things the way most people see them, and you know what? That was fine. Sometimes there are no right or wrong answers, and sometimes there are and I'm wrong, but I learn from that. (And sometimes, there are, and I am right! But that is fodder for another day's post.)

So when I saw this ad, I did not know that the "right" answer was supposed to be for me to enter through the Beautiful door. My initial reaction was to think to myself, "I would choose average."

I had no pre-conceived notion about this campaign. I had not heard of it, nor did I immediately note the #ChooseBeautiful at the top of the post where I saw it.

As I am wont to do, I quickly examined my thoughts for why I chose the Average door. I thought maybe the doors indicated what lie beyond, that what was behind the Beautiful door was more grand and glorious than what was behind the Average door.

Certainly, I would have entered through Beautiful, then, right?

But then I realized, what if that's not it? I hesitated. Then, with sureness and purpose, I mentally entered through the Average door.


My gut reaction was that the women who Chose Beautiful had more conceit than those who Chose Average, and that the women who Chose Average realized that superficial beauty is only skin-deep, and that the door they chose bore no resemblance to the depth of the splendor within them, that their true Inner Self was, in fact, accessed through entering Average and reached nothing short of Spectacular.

So no, I didn't choose Beautiful.

Did I choose wrong? Or does it even matter? What did you choose before and then after the video?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.