Wordless Wednesday: Magic Hour Shoot
Saturday 9: Battle Hymn Of The Republic

Throwback Thursday: Kiwi Crates #TBT

A long time ago, maybe five or six years, we received our first Kiwi Crate for the kiddos.

Kiwi crate

Sorry for the mess, but you know what? It's always a mess in Casa de Odette, so I guess I can't apologize forever...

Anyway, the Crates were a HUGE hit, and now I'm super excited that they have Tinker Crates (for Jack's type of kid) and Doodle Crates (for Sophia's) for the older crowd, too!


This morning, Sophia woke up to discover her latest Doodle Crate was here! It took approximately 15 seconds for her to rush over, pick up the box, and open it. That's just a little excitement right there, folks!


This month's theme was Terrarium, and wow! I thought Sophia did a beautiful job setting hers up. She thoroughly enjoyed this activity. I can't wait to see how it grows and develops!


Also in the kit, she even got to make a clay "Jellyfish" with plant tentacles. So cute! I forget where she said she was hanging it up, but I'm sure she already has... 

Thanks again, Kiwi Crate, for another wonderful kit! Stay tuned for more on Jack's upcoming Tinker Crate in the next few days! ;)