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Saturday 9: I Miss You (Björk)

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Saturday 9: I Miss You (1997)

... because Smellyann (hey, that's ME!) suggested it

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Björk knows what she's looking for in a mate, she just hasn't met him yet. If you are/were still looking for The One, what two qualities would you hope he/she possessed?

Very high intelligence and a rockin' sense of humor - and he does

2) The lyrics ask if you believe "that a dream can come true." Do you believe that dreams come true if you wish hard enough? 

No. Maybe if you work hard enough or all the cards fall luckily into place, but not just by wishing. Sometimes, maybe, but coincidentally so.

3) Björk turns 50 this year. Do you treat "milestone" birthdays differently? Or to you, is your age just a number?

I treat them differently. For me, personally, turning 40 in 15 months will be cause (again for me, personally) for epic celebration. Ever since my mom died very suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 33, I grew up believing that I would, too. Every year after 33 has been a reason to celebrate, for me, but the milestones are just that much more incredible a gift to me.

For my Hubs and kids, though, I celebrate every birthday like it's a milestone, because I find it so amazing and wonderful that they are the ones with whom I get to share this life.

4) Björk was always highly musical. At the tender age of 6 she began studying classical piano and flute. Sam is impressed because at the age of 6, she was still trying to master tying her shoes. Do you consider yourself musical?

Inclined, yes, but only slightly [vocally] gifted. My great friend Shana is a musical genius. Her brothers and sister, as well as her parents, are all musical geniuses. All of them are in music careers. Shana has played violin in concert with Josh Groban, of whom I am a huge fan, so this impresses me much more than it does her. You may have heard of her father, Todd Hobin, especially if you're from New York.

5) She was born and raised in Reykjavik, Iceland. While the city is known for its bar scene, beer was banned there until 1995. How often do drink beer?

Rarely, very rarely, and only with good [?] reason to do so. I'm not a huge fan. I once drank a Guinness, in Key West, during my college years (I was with Shana then, as it would happen). I puked my guts out immediately after that. Okay, the other beers and that last shot of tequila helped...

6) 66ºNORTH is one of Iceland's biggest employers. This clothier makes quality outdoor wear and this time of year they sell a lot of durable rainwear. Do you have a raincoat?

I ought to, given the dump of rain we get every day here in Miami from June through November, give or take six months (haha). You're lucky I own an umbrella... but I never use it. We just take our wet lumps daily!

7) In 1997, when this song was popular in clubs, Titanic was popular in theaters. Sam saw it and yes, she cried. How about you? Have you seen the saga of Jack and Rose? Did you enjoy it?

love Titanic. Love it. I saw it in the theater with, again, Shana! And my then-roommate, Jasper went along. I loved it so much and yes, I cried, too.

8) Also in 1997, singer John Denver died. Name a John Denver song.

"Take Me Home, Country Roads" is probably the only one I know or could name.

9) Random question: If you had the opportunity to sky dive, would you take it?

I have had the opportunity, and I didn't take it. I don't know if I would. Never say never... but I'd probably shit my pants and swallow some on the way down when it flew up in my face! Haha... Hm, that sounds super pleasant! ;) Hubs, on the other hand, has done one jump. It was one of his favorite experiences, ever.

On that note, thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!