Sunday Stealing: Would You Rather? Part The First
A June Morning In Key West With My Son

Sundays In My City: Key West In June

Unknown Mami
We went to Key West overnight from Thursday into Friday last week. More about that in a later post, but here are a few snaps from around our hotel and downtown for your viewing pleasure:
Okay, so technically this isn't from Key West proper. The last Circle K gas station outside of Key West is where we always make one last rest stop and, usually, get a few beverages before we reach our destination. I require myself to take a picture of at least one rooster every time we go there. Sometimes, we'll see a large iguana or two as well, but not this time.
There were turtles in the pond outside our hotel. Some were so tiny, I could have swallowed them whole!
We walked across S Roosevelt Blvd from our hotel to go visit the bay. Hello, mangroves.
Compared to Saturday back in Homestead, when it was proven to us that the 2015 Hurricane Season had, indeed, begun, Friday was a gorgeous day in the Florida Keys.
We stayed here for the first time. Barring the stifling heat in the elevators and lobbies, it was lovely.
Jack River in the hotel pool
All the kiddos wanted to do was swim in the hotel pool, so we let them do that until it was time to watch Jeopardy!
The kiddos on our balcony between Jeopardy! segments
Don't worry. We didn't.
My little guy, Jack River, on the balcony
We've probably been down to Key West a couple dozen times since we moved to the Miami area, but this is the first time I actually took them to Southernmost Point. I had been there myself when I was in college at U. Miami, but the experience was new for the remainder of my clan! Of course, I forgot to bring the Nikon, so you get a sucky camera phone pic from a nearby visitor with whom I traded the favor.
Never fails to amuse me that there are bins for trash, for recycling, and for coconuts. That's the Florida Keys for ya!
Hubs and I ventured downtown, leaving Chloë in charge of babysitting duties, for a couple drinks. We each had a shot (okay, maybe I had two) of Buttery Nipple while we listened to Jack Wolf sing covers of various tunes. I recognized all of them. He gave us a CD, and I didn't even have to show him my boobies. Hey, that's a win.
Hubs on Duval Street
It should surprise no one who knows I am a huge fan of Romero Britto's work that the vibrant color in this "Conch Town" piece immediately grabbed my attention as we window-shopped our way around Mallory Square.
An early bloom on Friday morning
A selfie in the mirror... hee!
This shop downtown had a clever way of indicating that they were closed. I thought it was cool, anyway...
The old lighthouse, across from Ernest Hemingway's property
Someday, we'll take this tour ourselves, instead of watching the Conch Train go by endless times...
The chickens, if you aren't aware, roam freely all over the lowest key. They never do answer me when I ask why they crossed the road, either. The kids crack up every time they crow. I admit, it never gets old for me, either.
This is it, the end of the road.
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