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Saturday 9: Hungry

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Saturday 9: Hungry (1966)
... because it's 4th of July 

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1) Are you eating anything as you respond to these questions?

No, but I did just toss a few handfuls of Kellogg's Krave cereal down my gullet. That stuff is good.

2) Paul Revere and the Raiders performed in Revolutionary garb. Have you ever worked at a job that required you to wear a uniform?

Oh, sure. I worked at Publix for a number of years. Somewhere I have a picture of me in that uniform... but I'm in no mood to go digging around for it right now, so you'll just have to imagine. I know, you don't care too much. ;)

3) The "Paul Revere" of Raiders fame was born Paul Revere Dick in Boise, Idaho. What else is Idaho known for?

My husband saying "And I da pimp!" every time I say "Idaho" 

4) The original Paul Revere was a silversmith by trade, known for making church bells. Can you hear church bells from your home?

Nah, but there are plenty of various flavors of church around here.

5) In April, 1775, Paul Revere literally rode into history when he galloped into the night, spreading the word that "the British are coming." Name another Revolutionary War-era hero.

General-cum-President George Washington!

6) Historians tell us that Revere's famous "midnight ride" actually took place between 9:00 and 10:00 PM. When is your usual bedtime?

Whenever I'm tired. I have no regular schedule. I never have. Pretty much sucks, I tell ya.

7) Earlier this year, officials from Boston's Museum of Fine Arts uncovered a time capsule buried in 1795 by Paul Revere and Gov. Sam Adams. It included coins and newspapers. If you were to bury a time capsule that reflects American life in 2015, what would it include?

Cool question. Hmm. Money of every denomination from penny through, oh, say $20 bill, newspapers. Maybe some family photos since clothing and hair styles change with the times. I don't know what else. We should do this, though!

8) Will you attend a fireworks display during the 4th of July weekend?

Abso-freaking-lutely! This is my favorite holiday of the year. We're going to the Homestead Speedway, where they put on a cool show, bring food trucks, and have other entertainment. I love it.

9) What's your preferred way to celebrate Independence Day - a parade, a picnic, or both?

I'm not big on parades. We were supposed to go on a picnic Thursday, and then Friday, but since I haven't been feeling too well, I left my kiddos disappointed. Hopefully Monday... maybe. ;)

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