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Wordless Wednesday: Sophie's Sumi-e Ink Wash Painting


Sophia adores her Kiwi Doodle Crates so much, she did extra chores when I told her she had to do them in order to open the box right NOW. Anybody who knows Sophia knows this is a HUGE deal.


This month's subscription to the Kiwi Doodle Crate was for Ink Wash Painting. Lemme tell you, there was ink EVERYWHERE (blah blah blah, Sophie being the reason why) during this activity, but she really enjoyed learning a new artsy technique.

Scan_20150720 (2)

The Sumi-e ink wash drawing she ultimately created was pretty cool, I thought, for never having done it before. I liked it so well, I forgave her for forgetting to do an important thing or two I'd asked of her before she started..!

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