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Jack GSD
These are the puppy pictures, from the breeder, of our new German Shepherd Dog, who is now 2¼ years old. He just happens to have had the same breeder as our last GSD, Tiger Lily, who passed away a few years ago.
And this is the photo of our new GSD now - the photo we fell in love with.
When Judy, the breeder, sounded the alarm for a new owner for the pooch, because his first family was suddenly moving and couldn't take the dog formerly known as Jack with them, well... I thought for a good while before presenting the information to Hubs, who has been yearning for another GSD for quite a while. He was instantly interested, as I knew he would be.
Jack GSD (2)
Since our son's name is also Jack, we decided that having two Jacks - and the training of the canine one to be a service dog for Hubs during his extensive recovery from brain tumor surgery 19 months ago - would just not work. And so, we debated during the entire trip home from Chesapeake, Virginia, where then-named Jack lived, to Miami, Florida, where we live, on a new name for this darling dog.
We had our one-year-old Chihuahua, whom we have named Paco in deference to his heritage, with us in the car, so we decided in keeping with that new tradition, we would name the newcomer something German. Here he is - with our son Jack photobombing him - in the overly-cramped minivan during the trip to his new home.
Rob and Paco with our new GSD, née Jack, lounging on our couch here in Homestead, FL. The relationship between tiny dog and enormous dog had an inauspicious start, but Team Odette is not put off by such a basic challenge.
And look, it didn't take too long at all before Paco the 13-month-old Chihuahua and the re-named 28-month-old GSD were like old buddies with a careful, yet loving, common master.
In the end, Hubs and I decided, with the kids' help, on this new name for our gorgeous German Shepherd Dog: R.A. Odette's Otto von Dieter, or "Otto" for short. He's learning his new name quickly, as such a smart breed is wont to do.
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As an aside, today is Hubs' 43rd birthday, so we're calling Otto Rob's birthday present. Here's the gorgeous "Sangria" bouquet I won from a contest sponsored by The Bouqs and sent for Rob's birthday. It's gorgeous!
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