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Product Review: DYMO LabelManager® 160

Full Disclosure: I was given a free DYMO LabelManager® 160 to try, along with several rolls of labels, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed herein are - as always - 100% my own.

Dymo Labeler Campaign

I was so excited when my DYMO kit arrived in the mail from Smiley 360! I love to organize, label, and list, so this campaign was right up my alley. What would I label first?!


I actually let the Hubs take the first crack at using the DYMO LabelManager, because we have an abundance of cords hanging on and around the entertainment center area, and he wanted to label what buttons were for what functions on the A/V box. I'm not saying he did a less-than-perfect job of placing the label, but, um... it works for him, so okay! ;)


I had to buy a new binder for my youngest kiddo, Sophia, for this year's homeschooling adventure. (The older two kids were able to re-use their binders and already-labeled subject dividers, but Sophie is The Child Who Destroys All The Things and thus needed a new one.) ANYway, I couldn't wait to label her divider tabs!

As you can see, I played around with the letter sizes to make sure things fit, and I probably could have adjusted some of the smaller ones even larger, but I didn't want to waste my precious label tape. Very neat and organized-looking, I thought; no?


And here's here awesome binder, all set up and labeled. Woot! I wonder if she's as excited about her lovely labels as I am? Hee.

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Ready to make your mark on the world? The DYMO LabelManager® 160 makes it easy to create high-quality labels for all your organizational needs. Plus, it's compact and lightweight for portability, so you can label just about anything, anywhere!


One thing I love about my LabelManager is how easy it is to edit the text. You can format your labels with bold, italics, vertical, underline, and boxed text, with one-touch quick work. Fun!

The QWERTY keyboard makes for fast, easy typing, and you can create labels with six font sizes, eight text styles, four boxes plus underline and 228 symbols and clip art. I love the clip art feature! Plus, it takes 36% fewer steps to create a label vs. competition (*vs. Brother™ P-Touch® 1090, P-Touch® 1290, and Epson® LW-300 for an “abc” label bold and italicized).

The label maker has an automatic shut-off feature to save battery life, which is great if you're like me and forget to turn things off all the time. Am I the only one who goes through 50 billion batteries a month here?!!

* * *

As for the compatible D1 DYMO labels themselves, the backings peel off quickly and easily for trouble-free application. Plus, you can remove the labels without leaving adhesive residue.

The labels have thermal transfer printing technology – no ink or toner required.

They're available in 12 colors and 5 widths, plus limited edition DYMO Neon Labels. I love my green ones!

Ready to label? These labels adhere to most clean, flat surfaces including plastic, paper, metal, wood and glass!

* * *

The DYMO LabelManager® 160 is available at an MSRP of $29.99 at, Staples, Office Depot/OfficeMax, Walmart, and Target. Check it out here for more information, if you still have questions before you buy. As for me, I have some more labeling to go do... ;)