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Product Review: Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Creams


Recently, I was engaged by Smiley 360 on a mission to try the Ultimate Miracle Worker Day Cream SPF 15, Nighttime Serum-in-Cream, and Eye Cream by philosophy. Here's my delivery, right out of the package. I couldn't wait to get started!


These are the samples I was given. They're itty-bitty, but they're very concentrated, so a little bit goes quite a long way, and I still have a lot left. 

As many of you know, I'm not only a longtime JAFRA Consultant, but an exclusive JAFRA skincare user myself, so I'm always skeptical about trying other brands. But this looked promising, and so I have been giving it a shot.


I used my JAFRA face wash to get ready, since I didn't have anything from philosophy for that purpose. Here's my "BEFORE" photo.


And here's my "AFTER" photo from using the Ultimate Miracle Worker Day Cream SPF 15 and the eye cream, as well as, yessssss, JAFRA cosmetics. Not bad for being 39 years old, am I right?! You better say yes. Ignore the jacked-up hair; I needed a haircut and that was what it wanted to do at the moment. Hee.

So I'm still using the philosophy samples I was given, and I really like them. I would say, if you can, give them a shot. My favorite of the three is definitely the eye cream, but I do like all three.

If you'd like to try it out for yourself, click here and use promo code: welcome15 to receive a philosophy welcome gift (includes 1oz purity made simple facial cleanser, 1oz amazing grace shower gel, and 0.4oz hope in a jar moisturizer) with any $25 purchase - I hope you'll let me know if you do!

Full Disclosure: I was given these samples in exchange for my honest review, but all opinions are - as always - 100% my own.

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