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This post is going to be not-so-wordless, because the event was so fantastic. You'll survive! ;) Last night, I took my oldest kiddo Chloë, 14, to her first major concert: Taylor Swift! We went to the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami... Read more →

Link up here if you're stealing today, thieves! 25 Fun Meme Stolen from: My Random Randomness 1. If you were trapped in a room with the person who asked this for 24 hours, what would you do? Since Kwizgiver and... Read more →

Sophia's fifth lesson at Miami International Riding Club on the beautiful gelding, Cloud Nine, took place on Tuesday afternoon. Her confidence is growing by leaps and bounds! Are you Wordless today, too? Link up here with 5 Minutes for Mom... Read more →

I know. As the person who, you know, they inhabited for 7-8 months (36 weeks, 31 weeks, and 38½ weeks, respectively), I may just be a little bit biased. But I think that my children are adorbs and quite photogenic!... Read more →