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Saturday 9: It Don't Come Easy

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Saturday 9: It Don't Come Easy (1971)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This was Ringo's first big hit as a solo artist. Who is your favorite member of his old, very famous group, The Beatles?
I really don't have one. I could not even begin to select a favorite. Sorry.
2) In this song, Ringo sings that you have to pay your dues. Do you belong to any organizations that require you to pay dues?
At this moment, I don't, but I have thought about rejoining Mensa. I got my Mensa card and membership when I was about 22, when I was a young doctoral student feeling very insecure about my own intelligence. I needed it to prove to myself that I wasn't an idiot, I guess. Academia was overwhelming me at that point in my life.

3) He also sings, "you don't have to shout." When did you last raise your voice?
Last night. Listen, in a boisterous family such as mine, with a half-deaf husband who never lowers his voice, three zany kiddos, two dogs, four cats, and me? I often need to raise my voice in order to be heard.

4) Ringo has two piercings on each ear and one tattoo on each arm. Do you have more piercings or body art?
I have four holes in each ear, and my nose is pierced. That's it for me so far, but that may change in the future. And that's all I'm gonna say about that right now.
5) Ringo gave his first wife, Maureen, a one-of-a-kind birthday gift. Frank Sinatra made a recording of "The Lady Is a Tramp" personalized to her. Tell us about one of your most memorable birthday celebrations.
My most memorable birthday occurred when I turned 25. I had just given birth the day before for the first time, to Chloë Raine, but she was in the NICU while I recovered apart from her, from an emergency c-section. People were sending two sets of flowers to the hospital, for my birthday and for her birth, and I was so caught up in the wondrousness of being a nervous first-time mom that I forgot about my own birthday. That was on September 8, 2001, so three days before the terrorist attacks. Talk about tumult, especially since Hubs was on paternity leave from active duty service in the Navy at the time.
Also, when I was 17, I made my father an apple pie for his birthday. It was my first apple pie. He asked me to hold it up so he could take a picture. I had done an elaborate lattice top crust on the pie, so Dad asked me to tilt the pie up for the photo, and all of the innards of the pie slid out, onto the floor. After the shouting and hollering that ensued, we about laughed our fool heads off. Ah, well. The rest of it was still good!

6) Ringo appeared as Mr. Conductor on Thomas the Tank Engine. He recorded the narration for the entire first season in just a week. Tell us what you did last week. 
Well, this week (because I can scarcely remember last week, an ongoing situation) saw me going to downtown Miami, an hour away, for two separate doctor visits with University of Miami clinicians. On Tuesday, I saw my fibromyalgia specialist for the first time. I think she will really be able to help me get the intense daily pain I've been experiencing since May under some semblance of control.
Thursday was even better. I took 14-year-old Chloë, who is extremely petite and who has been diagnosed with "idiopathic short stature," to her pediatric endocrinologist. (Jack, who is also significantly small for 12 years, sees him as well, but he has a different diagnosis of pituitary dwarfism.) Anyway, Chloë should have been tested years ago, while Rob was still Active Duty Navy, for her delayed growth. The testing was finally done this year, and she just got news that she has been given approval for growth hormone shots! It would be an understatement to say that she is elated:

7) Ringo also did the narration for Ladybird children's books. Do you like audiobooks?
I have hated having someone read to me since I learned to read at three years old. I wanted to do it myself! But on the recent spate of long road trips we have taken, I listened to an audiobook or two while I drove. I didn't care for it, particularly, because I thought the tone of voice and inflections in each sentence were all wrong. On the other hand, I never take the time to read a book anymore, and I really wanted to read these books, so I definitely saw the value in them.

8) As a boy in Liverpool, Ringo loved watching American westerns. His passion for the genre is reflected in the outfit he's wearing on the sleeve for "It Don't Come Easy." Do you like cowboy movies/shows?
Nope, not my thing at all.

9) You know what else don't come easy? Nine questions every week. Crazy Sam has heard it all: this meme asks too many movie questions, too many questions about sports, too many questions that sound familiar ...  OK, now it's your turn. Help a tired meme mistress out. Contribute a random question that is not about movies or sports (pro or collegiate) and has never been asked before on this meme. Sam will compile these for an all-random Saturday 9 in November. That way she'll get a much-appreciated week off. Thanks for your help!
What's the perfect sandwich, complete with just the right bread, just the right fillings, condiments, and garnishes, and what kind of sides does it require? Chips? Pickles? Potato salad? (I say the word "pickle" a lot - don't ask - so I started with that thought. Haha.)