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Being Thankful For Simplicity

Happy Thanksgiving, all you celebrators!

Look at me, actually blogging on a non-Saturday 9 or -Sunday Stealing post! High fives all around.


Recently, Dr. Lisa, my BFF, posted this assignment that her daughter had completed in school. First grade, maybe? Anyway, I thought her paper was so cool that in inspired me to make it into an entire "project" of sorts for my family to do that night after dinner. Here's what happened:

Scan_20151118 (5)

(Click the photos to embiggerate them.)

I passed out this paper to each person in the family, myself included, and allowed no peeking, nor discussion, during its completion. Once everyone was finished, we went around the table to talk about everyone's "Perfect Day." 

This one is Rob's. I think it's beautiful in its simplicity, and I was heartened by being included in his nap *winky* time.

Scan_20151118 (3)

Here is mine. I smiled at Rob as I read the last answer, because we both had the same thing in mind. Can we still win the Newlywed Game after being married for damn-near 15 years?! 

For the "amazing meal everyone liked," we really had a lot of back and forth about what that would include. It's challenging, because we have a completely picky eater (Jack), and someone with very specific, very niched dietary requirements (me). Sophia and Chloë are somewhere in the middle of that and Rob, who is the family garbage can! The result of this meal-planning? I'll make a bunch of tapas to pass around, and each person can pick whatever they'd like from it, and then we'll have Baked Alaska for dessert. I can't wait to do it!

Scan_20151118 (2)

This one is Chloë's. I was particularly interested in the kids' answers, to see how much they included technology in the days of perfection. I was also interested in seeing what time they rose and went to bed, since they share my predilection for sleeping the day away and staying up all night! So Chloë Raine's answers really warmed my heart, partly because it will be so easy to make this day happen for her!

Scan_20151118 (4)

Jack's paper, here, cracked me up a little bit. Look at what time he wants to go to bed; so specific!


Jack, my spelling-challenged gamer, is the only one who wished to play on his fablet during his Perfect Day. That's fine with me, since he actually ate some food for once and got some exercise, to boot!


And finally, here is Sophia's paper. (She accidentally wrote 1900 instead of 0700 as her rising time, so I fixed it for her.) (Kinda.) And look at what she would do in the afternoon! I admit, I welled up a little over that inclusion. For those not in the know, by the way, "LPS" are Littlest Pet Shop toys.

Sophia Lorelei is obsessed with all things LPS. She has a bunch of the actual critters, and she spends hours crafting habitats for them, sewing clothes and accessories for them, and drawing situational stories about them! Her Christmas will largely consist of LPS gifts. I hope she doesn't get "over" them by February!

In the end, the kids, all of whom groaned when they saw that Mom's "fun and interesting" family activity would include putting pen to paper, agreed that it was a worthwhile endeavor. And that made me the gladdest of all.