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Saturday 9: Perfect Storm

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Saturday 9: Perfect Storm (2014)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is about "the thrill of a lifetime" kind of love. Do you believe we each get one great love? Or do you think it's possible to fall in love more than once?
I do not believe there is a finite number of times one can fall truly in love. I think there are more than one of "The One" for each and every person. What if you are widowed early on in your life, or divorced for that matter? Of course you can fall madly in love again if you had experienced that before. What if you are in different stages in your life and therefore frames of mind in those times? Then, of course, your "The One" might be different at 22 than at 48, for example. I think you can fall in and out of love over and over in life, if you meet with the right circumstances.

2) Brad Paisley endured his own "perfect storm" in 2010, when he lost his guitars in the massive flood that hit Nashville. Tell us about a time when you had to clean up after Mother Nature.
In December 2002, we were living on Andersen Air Force Base in Yigo, Guam. I was hugely pregnant with our identical twin sons, Robby and Jack. It's damn near equatorial there in Micronesia, so you can imagine how hot we were, especially me. And then, on December 8th, Supertyphoon Pongsona arrived on Guam and brought extensive damage with it. During the eye of the storm, we went out and explored some of the damage. The entire forest was completely obliterated. Leaves and broken branches were everywhere. After the storm passed, we went out again. Our shed had been ripped away from the main part of the house, leaving only one wall, behind which our lawnmower was still cowering.
There were fires in the ports, so no food, no supplies, and no more gasoline could get onto the island. We had no electricity, no TV or Internet connectivity of course, no way to cook, no way to (warm or) cool our houses, no way to do laundry, nothing. 
In a word, it sucked. 
When we were back in Continental United States a few months later, I thought everything would go well. It didn't. In September of 2003, Hurricane Isabel hit Virginia Beach and caused much of the same hazardous conditions in and around our neighborhood and roadways. I was very surprised to find that I was now dealing with PTSD from the Supertyphoon experience.
And that, too, sucked.

3) He is married to actress Kimberly Williams, who played Steve Martin's daughter in the Father of the Bride movies. He has admitted he was a little in love with her before he met because he'd seen her on screen. Do you have a crush on anyone right now?
Well, Ed Sheeran an d Larry David are my boyfriends. Hubs is okay with that, but probably only because they aren't aware of it.

4) He's a passionate Cleveland Browns fan. Are you following the NFL this season?
Nah. The fucks I give are non-existent. Sorry.

5) Brad has developed his own line of western wear for Boot Barn, including some pricey items. (A "Perfect Storm" felt hat goes for $230.) What's the most expensive item you've added to your wardrobe recently?   
Probably a pair of shoes. But maybe not. Nothing really expensive. I did drop several hundred dollars on clothes for the kids recently, though. But I don't do that for myself!

6) "Paisley" is also a term for a popular print. Are you wearing a print or solid right now?
Well, I'll show you:
7) Crazy Sam is not a big country fan, but she can sing along with this song because it played so very often at a bar she frequents. What's the last song you sang? 
I'm all about the new Adele song, "Hello." When that comes on, as overplayed as it already is, I turn up my radio and croon along.

8) Though Brad Paisley has recorded songs about drinking, he never touches alcohol. His favorite beverage is Yoohoo, a chocolate beverage bottled by the Dr. Pepper/Snapple Company. What's the last beverage you drank directly from the bottle?
Diet Coke, of course. Guilty of not trying to quit. Again.

9) Random question from a Sat9er: What's your favorite handmade item?
I actually just received them. When we were in Missouri last month, my mama-in-law showed me two sweaters that her mother had knitted for her. I found them stunningly beautiful and, as a fellow knitter, could tell they were extremely well-made.
Some time after we returned home to Miami, MIL mailed those sweaters to me. I cried my eyes out! I haven't worn them yet - I don't know if I'm supposed to! - but I want to. They are soft and gorgeous, and I was super touched to have received them.

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