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Saturday 9: The Night The Lights Went Out...

Sunday Stealing: The Big Bad Meme

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Big Bad Meme

from: Love Me Some Surveys

Is there anyone else in the room with you at the moment? What are they doing? 


 These two sleeping beauties (Paco the Chihuhua & Otto the GSD), along with their snoozing Papa, Hubs, on the couch behind me

Do you show your teeth when you smile, or do you prefer smiling with your lips closed? 


You tell me: Here I am yesterday at my alma mater's (the University of Miami) homecoming football game, with my babes. P.S. We won! Go 'Canes!

Would you rather be told the truth, even if it isn’t what you want to hear? 

There is a way to tell those awkward truths without being hurtful... that's what I prefer.

What is something that you plan to buy, as soon as you’ve saved up the money for it? 


I'm a grown-up. What I'm waiting for right now is our next payday, so that I can put new brake pads on the van and spay our last un-altered pet, Sugarplum. Exciting stuff, right?

Do you play Sudoku?

I used to be a little bit addicted to it. I've pulled back, so I only play now and then anymore.

Have you ever had a migraine? 

I have frequent migraines. They suck. I don't have one right now, which is a fantastic rarity for me.

What was the last book you read for pleasure? 

I read Relic and then started the next book in the Agent Pendergast series, Reliquary, but I have not had time to get too far into that one. I have the next 3 books lined up, too. Better get movin'!

What was the last item of clothing you purchased for yourself? 

I bought matching orange Nautica shirts for Hubs and myself, to go to the homecoming party on Friday night.

Your first serious relationship, do you still talk to him?

Yes, Ben and I are facebook friends, and my family and his had dinner together when mine went to Central New York for my high school reunion last year. All sweet and friendly and lambs and butterflies and stuff!

Who is the last person you texted?

A creepy guy texted me. I told him he was creepy and to leave me alone. That's about it!

How close is your family?

Yeah, what that ^ ^ ^ said!

Is there anything too serious to be joked about? 

Yes, of course. Of course there are things.

Do you like to understand and have good knowledge of things?

Who wouldn't? Who doesn't?

What is worse? Back pain or shoulder pain?

I can't begin to quantify what your pain is to me, or what my pain is to you. But a pain in the ass? Now that's entirely different...

Have you ever almost fallen off of something high off the ground?

 No, because I rarely put myself in that danger. I've suffered from vertigo since I was a young teenager, and I get dizzy easily, especially from heights. Nope, no thanks.

What’s one fruit you love in drinks?

I have never had a Bloody Mary, but I had a killer Strawberry Daiquiri the other day. If it hadn't been so high in sugar, I could have had ten more, but yummo!

What is something simple that you’re afraid of? 

My mustard phobia is well-documented around these parts. I can't even stand it to touch me, or be near me... if it does, I freak out like a bitty girl!

Has this weekend been good? 


Yes, homecoming as an alum was SO fun!! Go 'Canes!!! ;)

 How much time do you take to get ready in the morning?

As little as possible, but I gotta take a bath first (I can't shower because our water pressure is crap), so that takes the most time... 

Last movie you watched in theaters and with whom?


I think the last movie was Jurassic World, with the whole fam-damily in tow. Next up: Mockingjay Part II. I can't wait!

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