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Black-and-white portrait of the man I love, Robert Allen Odette So, I haven't blogged as much this infant year as I had planned, because I became even sicker than I had been all throughout the latter half-plus of 2015. That... Read more →

On January 2, 2016, Rob and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary! To celebrate, we took the kids and headed up north to Orlando, Florida. We spent hours at WonderWorks, a really cool hands-on, science-y museum. We had a great... Read more →

Link up here if you're stealing today, too! I'm glad to take part this week. I had last week's almost finished when my computer shut down in the middle of it, and I was so frustrated by that, I didn't... Read more →

I missed Saturday 9 yesterday, but I'm back now and that's what counts. Joining us today? Link up here! Why Do You Want To Know That Meme, part three Stolen from: Love me some surveys *~*~*~*~* 50. What do you... Read more →

...Here Are Ten Things You Should Know: Arrive early. Parking is US$40 for the night pretty much everywhere on Miami's South Beach, but we got there before sundown, got pretty stellar parking around 13th Street and Washington Ave, and had... Read more →