January '16 Wrap-Up
Sunday Stealing: Laundry Day Meme

Saturday 9: Don't You Care?

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Saturday 9: Don't You Care? (1967)

If you're not familiar with today's song, you can hear it here.


1) What's something that seems to fascinate everyone else, but you just don't care about?

I tried to get on the Steven Avery bandwagon, but I only watched two or three episodes before I gave up out of boredom. Personally, I will never know the truth of the matter, so I don't have the room in my mind to devote to it. Sorry, Steve...

2) The lyrics refer to "the times we cried and laughed." Which did you do more recently, cry or laugh?

Oh, I cried. I cried and sobbed and bawled last night, in so much pain. Whatever the f* is eating up my bones, or so it feels, is excruciating.

3) In the song, our hero seems surprised that his girlfriend doesn't believe him. Are you more believing and trusting, or suspicious and skeptical?

I trust very easily, entirely too much, entirely too easily. I was looking at the "author" of the above quote, but I find "Abandonment Issues" instead, which I know is a big issue for me. Huh. Interesting, Self.

4) This song is just over two minutes long, which seems short for a song but awful long when Sam is waiting for her chicken soup to heat in the microwave. What's the last thing you heated in a microwave?

I'm not a big fan of using the microwave, but I did slightly thaw/melt a stick of butter for 15-20 seconds the other day when I needed to use it inmediatamente.

5) This week's band, The Buckinghams, was one of the first acts to perform at Chicago's premiere summer festival, The Taste of Chicago.  Let's think ahead: Have you made any plans for Summer 2016?

I totally haven't planned that far ahead. I usually do, so this is unusual, but I'm not sure where I'll be in April yet, let alone Summer 2016. I do know one thing, though: I will be watching the Olympics! (Hey, there's a plan!)

6) In 1967, when this song was popular, Rolling Stone magazine published its first issue. What magazines do you subscribe to? Do they arrive in the mail, or do you read them online?

I hate reading magazines digitally, I really do. I don't know why, because it's wasteful to get sooo many print issues in the mail as I do (I literally get one - or two! - in the mail every single day. Rolling Stone is one of them. I get everything from parenting mags to design and crafting magazines, to music, to mags for ethnicities of which I am not a member!

7) Country star/American Idol judge Keith Urban was born in 1967. Are you watching the final season of American Idol?

How about a big fat can of NOPE! I haven't watched in about ten years.

8) In 1967, the average cost of a movie ticket was $1.25. By 2015, it had risen $8.60. What's the last movie you saw in a theater?

I took Chloë, my 14-year-old, and Sophia, my 10-year-old, to see the final movie in The Hunger Games series. It was awesome, as I expected. And if you're a fan, you'll understand when I say that Hubs is the Peeta to my Katniss.

9) Random question: Sam's taking everyone out to dinner and she's buying. Would you prefer the steak or the lobster?

This quote, I love it! But then, I love pretty much everything ol' Al said... anyway, I'm mostly vegetarian*, at times vegan, so I'll have some kind of delicious salad, please. (*Occasionally, I'm pescetarian, because I have no other protein sources at home and require ~100g of protein daily.) Gosh, I haven't had a steak in over 20 years, I realize now.


Well, that was fun; thanks, Sam! Gratz to all you stopping by, too!