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Saturday 9: The One You Love

Saturday 9: Let's Dance

Perfect song choice for this week, Sam! Link up here if you're playing along this weekend.

Saturday 9: Let's Dance (1983)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

In memory of David Bowie (1947-2016). 

1) In this song, David encourages his partner to "put on your red shoes and dance." When did you last dance?

I dance nearly every day, even for just a few moments. Rarely in public, but I danced on South Beach on New Year's Eve in a red dress, barefoot. Fun night!

2) Mr. Bowie recalled that he and choreographer Toni Basil developed a dance step now known as "the moonwalk" for his 1974 tour, nearly a decade before Michael Jackson performed "Billie Jean." Can you think of something you should have gotten credit for, but didn't?

Not really. I'm sure there are things, but I guess I don't need credit for them that badly!

3) Similarly, the band Roxy Music was upset because Bowie copied their "catsuit look" for his own stage wardrobe and made it famous. What do you usually wear, Monday through Friday?

Normally, as my daughter's riding instructor jokingly put it this week, I'm in "little dresses." However, we have had some rather crazy El Niño weather here in Miami this week, and it's been downright chilly for us. (I admit it, I'm talking about 60ºF here, and I am a wimp.) I rarely wear jeans, but I have been living in them for about six days now. Warm and toasty, I am!

4) David Bowie was particular about the aftershave he wore, and one of his favorites was by Guerlain. Do you regularly apply cologne or aftershave?

I have a lot of different JAFRA scents, and right now Hubs is loving the one I have been wearing especially for that him: Risqué. Likewise, he wears a JAFRA cologne I like, when he wants to come at me. Hee.

5) In school, David's best subject was art. Think back to your own school days. In which class did you excel?

Science, which is a "duh" for anyone who knows that I have a degree in Marine Biology. Physics is my downfall, though, and I think it's because I have lack any understanding of spacial relationships without a serious amount of thinkering devoted to it. History is my least best subject, especially when it comes to the subject of war. Kind of surprising that I married a military guy, then, eh?

6) In addition to art and music, David Bowie displayed a keen head for business, leaving a fortune of more than $600,000,000. Would you describe yourself as "good with money?"

Absolutely not. I would say more like "bad." But I keep trying!

7) Bowie also appeared in a variety of movies from The Man Who Fell to Earth to Zoolander. Who is your all-time favorite movie actor?

It's probably Tom Hanks, and I like him as much for being a decent human being as I do for his thespian artistry.

8) One of Bowie's hits is "Life on Mars." If you had the opportunity to travel into space, would you take it?

Oh, hell yeah. I have dreamed - literally in my sleep as well as in my waking moments - of going up in space since I was a young girl. I would go in a heartbeat, no hesitation or thinking required. Ciao!

9) The creators of SpongeBob Square Pants are huge Bowie fans and were thrilled when, in 2007, he appeared in an episode. Sam suspects that she may be the only person who hasn't seen that cartoon show. What about you? Have you ever watched an episode of SpongeBob, start to finish?

Nope. I have seen it, as the kids and even Hubs will sit still for it on the occasion I don't protest too much or too loudly, but never a full episode. It's... not for me!


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