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Carry A Tune Meme

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Do you own a tablet of any kind? 

No, but if I did, I'd want a triangular one like Dwight has. My kids all have tabs, but I can't stand the smaller computing devices, personally...

What’s something people always assume about you that isn’t true? 

am quite an airhead, actually, but I'm not dumb. I just come off that way. I'm more like the absent-minded professor type.

On a scale of 1-10, how much do elevators scare you?

Elevators don't scare me at all, actually. I'm the weirdo that jumps when the carriage hits the ground floor, to feel the sensation. Not lately, of course; I'd probably pass out. But usually!

When you’re upset, do you vent to people or do you keep to yourself?

It depends on how comfortable with them I am. I'm a complete introvert, but I come out of my shell when I develop a certain level of comfort. Few people see me at that level, so I normally bottle it up and then vent it to Hubs. With Hubs, though, I just let loose!

Have you ever watched a meteor shower

I haven't seen a complete shower, like this one; just or two "shooting stars."

Do you tend to put things off until the last minute? 

Often, yes. But I can turn out some kick-ass work at the end of that deadline, so normally it's a win-win.

How do you react to random strangers suddenly trying to make conversation with you?

OMG. I absolutely loathe small talk with people I have just met or barely know. I suck at it. Who flippin' cares?!?!

Do you have a lucky number? 

From the time I can remember, maybe about three years old, I chose 64 as my lucky, favorite number. I have no idea why or where that came from. All I know is that I am very mathematically inclined, and I love that about my younger self. Why? Because 64 is a perfect square, and it is made up of other perfect squares: 4 and 16. There's more, but I'll stop there. This number is significant in my life, and you may soon learn why!

Would you go out to dinner with Oprah?

Sure! I admire her. As long as she doesn't bring a cold. I already have a compromised immune system.

Did you ever play sports? 

Yeah, no. I'd be like the guy in the middle. I was a dancer, but I didn't play any sports for school, for example.

Do you feel guilty if you throw food away?

Oh God, yes. It was just about beaten into my head that waste of any kind was bad, bad, bad. I now abhor wasting, and occasionally now, I feel guilty because my kids think they must make use of everything or I'll get mad. Only occasionally, like I said, but it's a teachable moment - for me.

Do you think you could make it as a baker?

LOL. That's an older picture of my daughter Sophia, who'll be 11 in April. We like to bake, lots and lots, and I even attempted to have my own dessert business once. It was semi-successful, but I just couldn't devote as much time to it as it required. I think I could definitely be successful with it full-time, though.

Are you one of those people who are wearing scarves with everything? 

Nope! I don't get why that's such a huge trend, but it is, so whatever. I guess I just like as little restraining of my neck as possible?

Have you ever been in a castle? 

Only Cinderella's castle in WDW!

When you were little, did you ever play with Play-doh?

Hahaha, that's hilarious! Yes, of course I played with Play-Doh! But never at my own house; Dad didn't want the mess. :\

Would you rather write a mystery or love story?

What about a mystery love story? Anyway, probably a love story, since I'm such a mush, but I don't know if that will ever happen. I'm still working on that dang first novel (but I do have one book ready for editing and illustrating)!

Tell me about your worst fashion mistake: 

It probably happens every day! I am no slave to fashion. I wear what fits and is comfortable. If it looks good, too, then it's purely unintentional.

Do you hate it when people smoke around you?

Um, yeah. Just a little bit. :\

How are you wearing your hair right now?

When I blow it out, which is never, it looks a lot like Keira Knightley's, here. But with bangs. So, yeah.

When’s the last time you were sick? 

I'm always sick, but I'm at my sickest just about right now. Hubs says there should be a Venn diagram of all the autoimmune diseases in separate circles, with ME in the overlap center. It's not a good time for me...

Would you rather have OJ or milk with your breakfast?


I hope you meant orange juice, because I'm lactose-intolerant. I can only have one or two sips, and only before I start eating, please. (Yes, I am this much of a pain.)

What were you doing thirty minutes ago? 

Sleeping. Poorly, but sleeping.

Do you own any school-related clothing articles? 

I own a thing or seventeen with my alma mater's colors on it. Go 'Canes!

Would you rather call people or have them call you?

Oh no, please don't call me. I'll call you. Maybe. On, like, the fifth of never...

Can you carry a tune?

I do all right. When I'm not sick. Which is forever. So, um...?

Who was the last person who unexpectedly texted you? 

My sister, Stacy ♥

Whom do you text the most?


Hubs and I text each other all the time. Sure, most of the time we are next to each other, but once your kids are well past the spelling stage of getting secrets passed, you have to resort to texting. Hee.


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