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GIVEAWAY!! And Product Review: NeilMed Naspira For Babies & Kids


Disclaimer: I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program (, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of this product.


First, I'm going to review the NeilMed NasaFlo NetiPot, which is available here for $15.99 or $17.99, depending on whether you want a clear pot design or the blue porcelain design, like I was given. (You can also find it in plenty of stores nationwide, like RiteAid, Walgreens, and Walmart, and also online at,, and lots more - so shop around if you're a deal shopper like I am.)


You need to use distilled water with your NetiPot, as well as the saline Sinus Rinse packets (also provided to me for free, and 50 packets come in the box with the pot). My kids were sick before I was, so both Jack, aged 13, and Chloë, aged 14, learned to use it before I did. Okay, okay, let's be fair, here: I still haven't learned to use it, and I have to have one of the kids or my husband set it up for me when I need to use it!

I was diagnosed with mycoplasma pneumonia in May, and I'm still recovering well over a month later, so I have had plenty of opportunities to use the NetiPot myself. 


(We're such hams.)

As you can see, I have a giant nose ring in my right nostril all the time, so I wondered to myself whether that would be a problem with the NetiPot, which is used by breathing normally through the mouth whilst pouring the saline solution in one nostril and letting it drain out the other nostril (then switch).

Well, was it?


(Hammy, hammy hams.)

Not a problem at all! I don't know if it would be if I'd have had a septum piercing instead, but ahhh, I don't, so I'm not sure. ;)

For adults and older kids, I give a big thumbs-up to the NeilMed Naspira NetPot! A friend of mine was sick the other day, so I gave her another new NetiPot I had received from NeilMed for a campaign, and told her how to use it. I haven't seen her since, so I can't report back how she is now, but as for me, well when my daughter's pediatrician recommended it to her, and then my own primary care doctor recommended it to me for my blocked ears, I finally bucked up and gave it a try. It worked, and I can hear!



And now for the review and giveaway of the NeilMed Naspira for Babies & Kids.

Chloë, my very petite teenager, was my guinea pig for this since I don't have very small ones of my own anymore (sniff). (You can see the ham apple doesn't fall far from the apple ham tree - or is it ham apple tree? Either way, yeah.)


Here's the product in its package, which is available online or in stores for about $9.99 - $14.99.


The Babies & Kids Naspira comes with the bulb aspirator, seven filters (one is already on the aspirator), and the net storage bag. It's a pretty simple set-up, really. You can take off the hose and use the nasal aspirator on older kids by itself, using the traditional hand-squeezing method, or you can put the hose on for babies, and use the orange suction piece in the caregiver's mouth the help suck out the oogie-boogies in the babies nose. There is a filter in place so, as yucky as it may sound, you never um, suck down the contents of your congested baby's nose!

I highly recommend this product for the younger set, and I tried it with my older kid. We found it simple and well-designed, though we definitely relied on this video from Nielmed for further instruction on use and sterilization:

GIVEAWAY: I have THREE NeilMed Naspira for Babies & Kids to give away to my readers! That's YOU!

Please leave me a comment on THIS POST with the age of your baby or child and whether you have tried any NeilMed products in your household before for five entries.

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This giveaway will close at 6 PM EST on June 30th. I will randomly select THREE winners for the Naspira for Babies & Kids from the entries received by that point and notify the winners and Moms Meet that you won!


That's it! Get to commentin'!