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Sunday Stealing: Shannon's Moment Meme, Part The Second

Hey guys and dolls, I'm back! Or at least, I'm trying to be. Thanks for the warm welcome back on my Saturday 9: Hello post! You all made me feel so loved. ♥ Anyway, I know this is a Part II, and I didn't complete Part I, but we're going to overlook that and just jump in the fun, right? Link up here if you're playing along today!

23. Have you ever gone to the “dark side”? 

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I'm not sure what that means, but for me it means depressed and suicidal, I think? So yes, I will say that I have been there a lot, but now my meds keep me mostly away from that place.

24. What shirt are you wearing right now? 

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It's kind of a "fail" too, my shirt, in that it's a coral-colored tank top that does little to conceal my bra right now. However stupid the above photo might be, it's the most G-rated I could find for shirt fails! Not that I necessarily worry about that, but some are pretty bad out there... 

25. What’s important about a bed to you? Like type of sheets, size or whatever.

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I like to spread out, so if I'm with my husband, the bigger the better! Otherwise, one of us is moving to the couch. And I don't like stiff, scratchy sheets. If they're tucked in up the sides of the bed, I'm going to pull them out, too! Don't like to be confined when I'm sleeping. Or ever.

26. Can you sing? 

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So true, that ^^^. I can sing okay, but I'm not going to get famous from it!

27. What is something about you that would surprise us?

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Not much, but maybe that I'm extremely shy? I remember my parents trying to coax me out of my shell when I was really little, and I hated it. "Don't be shy, Mellie..." But I am, very, until I get to know someone. If I'm comfortable with you, I'm all good to be me. I rarely get that comfortable with people, though.

28. Have you been a pirate, Renaissance Fair, or other costumed event? If not, would you for the right event or say cause?

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I finally crossed "Go to a Renaissance Faire" off my Bucket List about 4 or 5 years ago. We took the kids to one in Central Virginia when we still lived up there and were traveling around our home state. It was small but worthy of the name. I would still go to another one, if properly enticed.

29. What songs do you sing in the shower? 

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I sing whatever's in my head, but the one I always go back to is the old Flintstones Vitamins commercial from my youth. Silly, I know. And yes, I do it in little kids' voices.

30 & 31. Favorite girls' and boy's names? 


I'm pretty fond of the ones that Hubs and I picked out for our kiddos! (That's them this year, and they are in age order, with Chloë being the oldest. Yup, our baby girl is the tallest!)

32. What’s in your pocket or purse right now? 


My big "Mom purse," as Hubs calls it, broke one important zipper, so while I'm waiting for him to fix it, I've pared back down to my favorite standby: a small crossbody satchel. Aside from my wallet, I have only a small tube of hand lotion, a lip gloss, my passport for inexplicable reasons, some screen cleaner wipes (we go through a ton of those), and this Britto compact. I rarely use it, but because it's a Britto, I love it!

33. Last thing that made you laugh? 


Our two pups, Tapioca and Paco, zooming up and down the couch and puppy-wrestling. It just amuses the hell out of me. Simple minds, I know.

34. Best toy as a child? 

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I really loved my three Cabbage Patch Kids, but this cracks me up!

35. Worst injury you have ever had? 

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Well, we won't talk about emotional injuries here, so ... other than surgery ouches? Maybe my broken pinky toe, which I have since re-broken half a dozen times. Or the time I skinned my leg on a frozen dolphin? Or maybe the other time I tore up the same leg walking through the mangrove forest in the Keys? Nothing major, obviously.

36. Where would you love to live? 

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Okay, so not actually like in this photo, but aboard a boat. It has long been our fantasy to live-aboard and travel the seas while educating the children from around the globe. Alas, certain things have kept us tied to the land, but we're still thinking about it...

37. What type of TV do you have? Would you’d like an upgrade?

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We have a Samsung flat screen HDTV. I don't if that means anything, but it's fairly new since our last set died. It's not huge, and we have trouble seeing it. (We're all blind except Sophia, the youngest, I swear.) Maybe we'd upgrade to a larger set next time, I don't know. Or maybe we'll live on a boat and won't need one?! (One can dream.)

39. How many dogs do you have? 

My friend Josy recently posted this on my Facebook timeline, because it's true... but we we have two. Right now, we have two. ;)

 40. Do most folks trust you?

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I honestly have no idea!

41. What book are you reading?

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I'm reading a few different books right now, now that we have started school for the 2016-2017 season. Mostly about teaching writing, like the art of the essay, the art of the short story, etc. I'm also trying to keep up with Chloë, who is reading Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper; and Jack, who is reading the Hardy Boys series; and Sophia, who is reading Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls.

42. What’s your favorite classic TV show?

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I loved this show. LOVED. And I miss John Ritter.

43. What’s your favorite sports team?

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Love my Miami Hurricanes, especially the football team. I'm excited to see what they'll do this year. Go 'Canes!

44. Favorite month and why?

I have to say, I think it's always been my birthday month, September. Not only because of that, but because of school starting. I've always loved this time of year! Speaking of my birthday, I'm turning the big 4-0 soon, and I still don't have any big plans. Something is wrong with this picture, right?!

I'm so glad you stopped by!