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Art Projects: 3D Hand

Art Projects: Modern Tin Art


It's been a while since we started homeschooling - this is our 7th year! And don't believe for a minute that I don't revamp our plans every single year, if not monthly. If not weekly. Daily. Heh. It's always being evaluated and re-evaluated for what works and what doesn't work.

That being said, Sophia is my artsy child, and Chloë is pretty crafty in her own right. Jack doesn't much care for anything Art-related, so I let him opt out of whatever projects don't interest him in favor of doing something else school-related.

This is one project that interested all three kiddos.

We basically used this recipe from Piikea Street's blog to do this project. I used our ChromeCast to project my computer screen with the directions on it onto our big screen TV, and just scrolled down as they all completed each step of the process. It worked well, and I plan to use that technology frequently throughout this 2016-2017 year. We followed the directions for this one pretty close to the letter, though of course I let the kids make up their own designs. Sophia liked the project so well that she decided to make the mini one (bottom left) for her Littlest Pet Shop critters' studio. It's always obvious when she likes a project: she wants to do more of it on her own!


So now, all that's left is to decide where and how to hang their obras de arte!