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Sunday Stealing: The Mad Hatter's Meme


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Sunday Stealing: The Mad Hatter's Meme

What’s the meaning or inspiration of your blog’s title? 

No great meaning here. Smellyann is an old childhood nickname bestowed upon me by my sister, and the "Strikes Again" part refers to the fact that I had a previous incarnation on a different platform.

What do you consider your biggest strength? 

My emotionality, my sensitivity, my ability to empathize with everyone.

What do you consider your biggest weakness? 

My emotionality, my sensitivity, my ability to empathize with everyone...!

Tell us why we should like your favorite band. 

That's completely up to you. I'm not trying to convince anyone, nor do I even know whom I would consider that to be! ;)

Who is your favorite model of all - time? Why? 

Favorite model? Am I in an alternate universe where I'm supposed to have one?

Does it bother you when people talk about their pets? Why? 

Nah, of course not. I love animals dearly.

Tell us about your favorite holiday. 

It's (US) Independence Day, and I love everything about the Fourth. The pomp and circumstance, the lights, the flashes, the booms of fireworks. The coming together to support one same cause. The food, the family, the fun. I love it!

What was the last fabulous meal that you ate? Where were you? 

I haven't been eating all that well lately, so the best last meal I could think of happened in January. Rob and I were celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary in Fort Lauderdale with the kids. We splurged a little. Tons of fun.

What’s your lucky number and why?

64 has always been my number, ever since I was little, like before school-age. I don't know why, but I love that it's made up of 4, a perfect square, times 16, another perfect square, and is itself a perfect square! (Yes, I'm a nerd.)

What are five things you hate?

Racism, people smoking where they're not supposed to and especially in my air, slow drivers in the fast lane, slow drivers making a right-hand turn in front of me, and mustard

What are five things you love?

My zany li'l family, my pups and our other pets, new school supplies, getting a great deal on something I need, and Kosher dill pickles

Tell us a secret you can because other than us, who’ll read this anyway? 

I have nothing exciting. I secretly listen to my husband's music in the car, though I claim to hate it to his face. ;)

What is the favorite body feature of yourself? 

Either my lips or my eyes

Is there a tattoo that you want? If you don’t have one, gun-to-your-head so you have to get one, what would it be? 

I really don't want one, but if I had a gun to my head, I'd probably have something representing the ocean, like a wave, my kids, like their initials, and hubs, like a heart. I don't know how to incorporate all that into one tattoo, though.

What do you love about yourself? What do you hate about yourself? Who is someone you miss?

I love my intelligence. I hate that I seem to be losing it the longer I'm suffering from this mysterious illness, or maybe I have early-onset Alzheimer's like Hubs suggests. I miss... me. :(


Well that's no way to end things! So, here's my story about tripping over a frozen dolphin that several of you asked about from last week:

I worked in the Fisheries Biology lab as an intern at Mote Marine Laboratory in 1998.  We had a huge walk-in freezer for specimens, fish food, etc. It wasn't that huge, though, but apparently it was big enough for the Marine Mammal stranding team to get a dolphin and decide they could cram it in our freezer. (What was wrong with their own? I don't know.) I guess they'd gotten to the dolphin being stranded too late and it died. They'd brought it back to the lab and didn't tell anyone they "borrowed" our freezer. I got to work and hastily started to get some food for our mega tanks of snook, grouper, and whatever else we had back then. Instead, my right leg and knee unexpectedly encountered the sharp, frozen flukes of a dolphin I did not know was in there! I headed back to the office dripping blood all over. My lead scientist was pissed at the stranding team! We had to do a whole red-tape thing with paperwork, etc. It was all such a strange experience - I guess you all thought so, too!

Have a great holiday tomorrow!