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Sunday Stealing: The Martial Arts Meme

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Sunday Stealing: The Martial Arts Meme

Who was the last person that you held hands with?


That would be Hubs last night while I was, yet again, in the ER for pain meds.

Are you loud, outgoing or shy?

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I'm definitely extremely shy.

Who are you looking forward to seeing?

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This is more of a "what" than a "who," but I'm sticking with it anyway: I'm looking forward to our next visit down to Key West, where we'll visit The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory. I'm really looking forward to it!

Are you easy to get along with?

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Nope. I'm definitely a difficult person to love. :(

Have you ever given up on someone, only to let them back into your lives? Why?

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Of course I have. Why? I don't know. Part of it was that I was lonely, I guess. Another part was that I needed help paying the rent at that time. I'm not proud. :\

If you were ill, which TV doctor or nurse would you want to take care of you?

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I am, and I've said a billion times I need Dr. House to diagnose my illness!

Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?

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NOPE! My kids could tell you that! ;)

Who was the last person that you had serious conversation with?

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That would be a four-way conversation with Hubs, our showjumping daughter, Sophia, and her trainer, Dani. More to come in the near future about that talk! ;)

What was the last text message you received about?

Hubs was asking me to let him into the back in the ER last night, so he could accompany me to Task, aka the lab.

Do you believe in luck and/or miracles?

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Yes. I believe in miracles, and I believe in luck - though I do also have to say I believe you make your own luck.

What good thing happened this summer?


Sophia's broken wrist healed so well, the bone was stronger than before and it was as if the break had never even happened! I credit the massive amounts of milk she consumes. 


Also, we worked with Carvana to get a new-to-us Crossover SUV/minvan, which I completely love!

Convince us why we should or should not believe in life on other planets?

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Who was your first crush on?

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Matt Dillon in The Outsiders - and I was very young.

Favorite part of your daily routine?


Every morning when he wakes up, Jack will come out of his room and immediately come straight to me and give me a hug and kiss, saying, "Good morning, Mom." He's normally my grumpy, hard-to-please kid, so it's a very warm spot in my day when he's being so sweet.

Do you like your neighbors?

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We live in a townhouse community for now, so some yes and some definitely not!

What’s your worst feature?

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I don't know, but I apologize way too much and annoy the hell out of people with it. I can't stop, though! I'm kind of a Nervous Nelly, and I hate it. I have no confidence and am always afraid to piss people off. Ah, well. #issues

Have you ever had trust issues?

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Yup. That's exactly my trust issue ^^^ I trust too easily, and it frequently backfires.


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