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Art Project: Funky-Cool Self-Portraits


Based off this picture and this blog post here by Miss Mancy, I decided to give the kidoodles a fun and maybe easier art project today.

First, I instructed the kids to take turns tracing the hands and shod feet of a sibling, onto some decent Bristol art paper.

I have three styles of artists:

  • Jack, who would just as soon get the project done and over with as quickly as possible, which KILLS me, because I have given him the option this year of opting into only those projects which interest him; :\


  • Sophia, who is rather indelicate and, to my observing eye, indeliberate in her artistic movements, and then turns out something rather amazing when it's all said and done; and,


  • Chloë, who is ever the perfectionist in all things, takes the longest to get any project of any sort finished, and manages to impress me with what she does end up doing.


After they traced the hands of feet of another onto their art papers, they were instructed to add in their faces, arms and legs, clothing and whatnot. I didn't really give them ANY information as to how to accomplish that and decided to let the chips fall where they may. Finally, they were to use watercolors to paint their portraits in any way they desired.

So without further ado, in order from shortest to tallest kid (note: this is not the same as age order!), here are their funky-cool self portraits:


Jack River, aged 13½ years;



Chloë Raine, aged 15 years; and,



Sophia Lorelei, aged 11½ years.


So it was a fun, quickie project (relatively, anyway, on both counts) for Hurricane Matthew-Eve!

Thanks for stopping by!