Christmas 2016: Advent Day 10
Saturday 9: Happy Holidays!

Christmas 2016: Advent Day 11

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Sophia Lorelei was up for taking town the baggie for this 11th day of Advent - a Sunday. A very lazy Sunday, as it turned out, because various people were napping through any given point in the day. But! At least we had candy, and we made up for it in other ways. ;)


I knew this treat would be particularly desired by Chloë, who simply adores chocolate-covered cherries ever since I gave a box to my dad and she had a sample. The other two? Not so much. So, I think Chloë garnished their treats and enjoyed a nice smackerel here and there through the day.


We were supposed to ride the trolley from downtown Homestead to Biscayne National Park for the return of their annual Family Fun Fest and THEN go to an art exhibition in North Miami, but do you think either of those occurred? Nosirree, neither did. Like I said, turns out the 11th day was for catching 40 80 1,000 winks. Fortunately, I had rented the disk for Allegiant in the Divergent movie trilogy, which was our last one. Chloë watched that with Rob and me, whilst the Littles did who-knows-what in their rooms.

(Hello, do you not want to squish and pull on all those juicy, delicious curls? I so do.)

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Last year, Sophia received a 3Doodler. It was a flop. The plastic "ink" would not feed properly through the machine, and it was just a globby, blechky mess. You know? I contacted the company and was told to mail it back, no strings attached. Welllll, it might have taken me all the way until almost this Christmas to get 'er done. I suck like that. 


When Foofers (aka Soph) received the new one in the mail this 11th day, she started working with it immediately. This is her first project. Yes, it is a blob of nothingness. No, there is no hidden meaning here. But she gave it to me, and I may keep it, just because she was thrilled the thing worked!

Only now, it seems to be jammed up in the works again, and there hasn't been much creativity with it so far. Aack. An expensive mistake.


Since it was then decided that we weren't going anywhere that day after all, thanks to Team Odette collectively playing the part of Rip Van Winkle, Rob broke out the O'Mara's Irish Country Cream for himself and moi. He poured me a rather large glass, and while it tasted great, I decided that one or two sips was enough for me. Too... too... not a huge margarita. You feel me?

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Because I am a person who gets more exciting about getting, wrapping, and giving a present than the person receiving it probably is about the getting, I like to spread out the Christmas cheer throughout the month. Long story short, we opened presents again. Well, everybody except me, because I didn't have any. And that doesn't bother me. [Shut up, Robert; it really doesn't!!!]

I have four more of these wooden pictures for Sophia in my closet, but I only gave her one because we're moving in like three months, and I didn't want her to be all, "Um thanks, but what do I do with this shiznat since I can't really hang it up on the walls for three months?" Y'know? so I will hold onto those until we are safely ensconced in a house (hopefully) of our very own (fingers crossed) in Idaho (knock wood), come April.

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Since we newly have the XBox One, I decided to get and give a few games for it to the fam. Jack and Rob were supposed to open this one together, but Rob declined and let Jack do the honors. That's completely a fake smile on Jack's face because, being 13½ and all, he has not one single clue who Tony Hawk might be. So he was kind of cranky and bummed and irritated and completely Jackish about this gift. (Never mind the fact that a few hours later, he asked to play this game and declared it "pretty fun," but whatever. Whatevs. It's cool.


Sophia decided to appease Jack by giving him a gift she'd wrapped and put into his stocking. Hahaha, it was a set of Shopkins that she no longer wanted to keep. When I saw this, I about died laughing. That Soph!

He was not, in fact, appeased by this gesture.


Because I'm a pleaser, as my beloved Spanish teacher-cum-Doctora O'Toole professor informed me tonight, I let Jack open yet another gift. He really seemed happy with the clothes he received, and as you can see, he looked beyond handsome in the outfits:

20161211_223412  20161211_223628



When Chloë's turn came, she selected this long, oddly shaped package to open.

DSC_4095  DSC_4097

I gave her a Shawn Mendez poster, because she has a little bit of a crush on the guy. I think you can see she was delighted with it!


Henry enjoyed the wrapping as well and crawled in to take up a spot just as soon as he could.


Robby had to get a gift, too! I gave him this present from, where I love to shop for unique presents. His package even came with an attached "worry doll" on the wrapping. He was actually going to play along and do the thing and put it under his pillow at night, but instead, Tapoica (our chewer) got ahold of it and, well, it is no longer.


He received these two handmade serving, multi-purpose wooden knives from... Bali, maybe? I can't remember right now. Regardless, they are beautiful, and he loved them!

So there's Advent Day 11. Not what we planned, but we made lemonade out of those lemons!