Christmas 2016: Advent Days Six And Seven
Christmas 2016: Advent Day Nine

Christmas 2016: Advent Day Eight


First of all, look at these big blooms! Four days after Robert bought them for me, they were still going strong. I loved them!!


Back to Advent. On this 8th day, Chloë was up to pull down the day's baggie for the kids' surprises within.


What is it? What could it be? Let's see.


The treat that day was a pack of Juicy Fruit gum for each kid. I don't remember what this face was about. Perhaps she didn't like the treat? Haha, she inherited my lack of a poker face, among other things. The two of us would suck in Vegas!


After Chloë read the day's activity, which was to go an uptown public library for their arts and crafts session aimed at teens and tweens (Hello, is that not what I have?!!), it was unanimously decided amongst the trio that they had no desire to participate. My God, people. Next year, I swear I'm giving them all adult activities to do, like Co-Ed Naked Twister and stuff.

I kid, I kid. Relaaaaax.

Instead of going, Mom (that would be me) determined that we would just open another present each and call it a day.


Rob, seen here sitting at my messy desk (but I WILL get it clean one of these days, come Hell or high water!), was first to open his gift.


I gave him a personalized flask, which reads, "Go Outdoors / ROB ODETTE." He liked it, and you can be darn right if you think he put some of that Jameson from Day 2 in the flask! I don't think he's ever owned a flask before, but I thought it was a thing that a guy like Rob should have.


Foofers went next, and she opened yet another puffy package. I gave her two pairs of yoga pants, which fit beautifully, from Osh Kosh b'Gosh. She really needed pants that fit, so this was a WIN. 


Jack received another Gemini Jet that day. I forget what airline, but I'm guessing very few of you out there give a crap. This brought his total number up to three, I believe. That's the beginnings of a fine collection, friends.


The boy young man insisted I take a close-up of his jet. Still can't tell what it is. Eh.


My curly girl was extremely ecstatic over her present. Sure, she received a nice reusable bag and a stuffed elephant, but what made her giddy as all get out was the certificate showing symbolic adoption of an endangered elephant. We joked that maybe she'd receive letters and pictures from it, and we'd go visit it one day... and so on. She didn't care about the teasing, because apparently this present was on point, y'all!


Here I am, still looking hideous from allergic reaction swelling and such, but so what. Don't look at that. Focus on my wrist. Rob gave me another Alex and Ani bracelet - this time, it's the tribal-looking one kind of in the center of the other two, the Britto and the mermaid, which I'd already had. I am sooo in love with A&A right now. I love my new bracelet - thanks, Bobbo!


Later that night, we drove down to Key Largo to visit a shopping center that was having a Customer Appreciation Party. The lady babies and I had to take our obligatory "we're in the Florida Keys" selfie, so here you go. Meanwhile, the party was so fun! They had food, lots of (mostly adult) beverages, giveaways, and more. We didn't win any of the big prizes, but well, I think did, because all three of the kids - even Jack! - declared the evening a fun one. Can't beat that with a stick!

Stay tuned for Day 9!