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Christmas 2016: Advent Day Five


I was up early on Monday, December 5th, because I had to take Chloë in to Bascom Palmer Eye Institute for removal of the stents in her tear ducts. Surgery was scheduled early, so when I got back from getting gas and a Diet Coke, it was still dark out. These Muscovies were walking ever-so-slowly around my door to greet me when I returned. This isn't even all of them; it was like an entire flock!


Chloë was nervous - super nervous, in fact - because the surgery to put the stents into her eyes 2½ months early had gone quite badly, and she suffered greatly after that as a result. I couldn't blame her, so I was concerned myself.

She was actually quite hysterical coming off the anesthesia, and the recovery room nurse was in stitches. She informed me, when I was allowed back there, that this child was extremely talkative and emotive, and that she simply must be an actress. I agreed and filled her in on some of the acting and modeling Chloë has already done. Nurse was convinced that someday Chloë would be famous for the craft. Who knows?!

As for surgery, of course that first day there was some discomfort and swelling, but ever since then she has been doing great. Whew!!


Later that day, we finished putting together our Christmas tree. About 90% off the ornaments came from Rob's mom, who passed away in October. Every year, a box came with an ornament or two for each one of the five of us, marked with the proper recipient's name and clearly chosen with the utmost care to make sure it matched the personality and activities of that person. Sometimes, when we had a big event like a new house or something, we would received a whole-family ornament as well. For the past 16 years, and before that for Robert, those boxes have been coming faithfully. When this year's box arrived, I lost my shit. I miss my mother-in-law dearly, and her choices were just as painstaking in this final year of her life as they had been all along. I knew we had to put up our Christmas tree for the first time in several years, using all of those many years of Hallmark ornaments. I love it!


Later on, it was Chloë's turn to pull down the baggie for that day's Advent.


The treat for the day was three pieces of Dove milk chocolate Promises for each kid. Mmmm! Other than Lindt chocolates, Dove is one of our favorite chocolate brands. So good.


Because of Chloë's eye surgery, after she read the day's activity, we decided to flip-flop the activity with Tuesday's plan. So I'll post about what her paper said next, but for Tuesday, the plan was to open one present each, with Mom selecting the gift for each kid.


I gave them each the IKEA umbrella I had picked up on our visit there the day before. We're always short on umbrellas around here, and with six months of the year belonging to the rainy season, with plenty of rain in between those seasons, well umbrellas just seemed like a good idea. They were thrilled with them!


The sillies did this "All for one, and one for all" type deal with their bumbershoots. Gooses. Then, of course, we had to take them outside to give them a whirl:


Happy Advent Day 5! Thanks for stopping by. :D