Saturday 9: O, Holy Night
Christmas 2016: Advent Day Five

Christmas 2016: Advent Day Four


So I'm a little behind in detailing our 2016 Advent action. Ah, well, that's me.

Jack pulled down the baggie for the 4th day of Advent before opening it to check what sweet treats and activity were contained within.


Happy kid, pulling out a handful of Starbursts!


I have to admit. I may have eaten half of those things. What? They're good!


The activity for that Sunday was to visit IKEA's support of the Frost Science Museum's exhibit. They were doing all things cold and chilly, but we came in halfway through one of the presentations.


There was an explosive part with a big BOOM! and subsequent cloud, but that was all that held our interest. Mostly, the presentation was for younger kids, and I am reallllly having a hard time finding those that will interest my older kiddos. So. We decided to go for a romp through the IKEA store instead, getting inspiration for whatever, whenever.

Advent Day 4-001

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I took a lot of photos of things I wanted to get for our future home, post-move to Idaho, so I could remember and "oh yeah" later on. Here are some of those goodies. Have you been to IKEA? Are you a fanatic, like I am? I bought a half-dozen or so things for the family's Christmas presents. They'll make their appearances later in the Advent countdown...

Advent Day 4

On the way home, we saw a flower vendor on the side of the road. They're kind of inescapable in certain areas of Miami. You're stopped at a red light, and the vendors walk up and down the cars, in between lanes even, seemingly heedless of the dangers of the light turning green and folks slamming down the gas pedal. So in they go, showing their wares. We had a few bucks, so Rob haled one over and bought me this beautiful mini-bouquet of white roses. No particular reason why white this time; I was just in the mood for those. Usually, my favorites are yellow.

Anyway, next up: Day Five!