Christmas 2016: Advent Day Eight
Christmas 2016: Advent Day 10

Christmas 2016: Advent Day Nine


On this 8th day of Advent, Jack was up to pull down the bag and see what goodness was contained therein.


He fussed and fumbled with opening the bag, causing the rest of us to be like, "C'mon, open it already! Let's go!" but he took his sweet-ass Jack amount of time to do it the way he wanted to do it, and so it was.


The kids hit the candy jackpot that Friday, because Dove milk chocolate Promises again. Yum!


I don't remember making the decision that another present must be opened that day, but I made it, and so here we are. Chloë went first, and I think she may have been a little excited about it? Just guessin'.


Chloë received two shirts and a pair of jeans from Justice, one of her favorite clothing stores. (Forgive the mess in the background; moving is messy and stressful, y'all!) The shirts were great, and she loved them. Chlo was super excited about the jeans, but when she tried them on, they were entirely too enormous to make any kind of fit happen in them. We still need to go exchange them for something smaller. Poor itsy bitsy!


Jack, who is doing an obviously fake smile here because something wasn't going his way at the moment (Who knows what or why? It's Jack), went next.


It wasn't a Gemini Jet, so he had to fake gratitude a little bit... but when I saw him drinking his milk out of his new mug (which, by the way, I designed the mug with an inspirational quote specific to Jack on a photo of flying jets on the obverse side), he admitted that he really liked his mug. I got a thank you and a hug. Typical for Jack!


Sophia was up next. Good things come in small packages! But what?


Hey, look at that. Another Alex & Ani bracelet, this time an Aries for Sophie's zodiac sign. WIN!


Rob's always a good sport when I ask him to "woohoo" about a present, no matter what it may be!


It's a sterling serving platter, but Rob was all silly about it, acting like, "Ooh, now I can separate my food on my dinner plate without all the items touching each other!"  What a card, what a scream, that man.


That night, our Advent activities included a visit to downtown Miami for the Busker Street Festival, which I, at least, really wanted to attend. The second activity was to go to Pinecrest Gardens to frolic amongst the plants while watching Home Alone outside on the big screen. Thirdly, we were supposed to visit a participating Barnes & Noble book store for a "Harry Potter Magical Holiday Ball." Naturally, Chloë and somewhat Sophie wanted to do the third thing, but Jack and partly Sophia were really into the garden in the movies idea. We compromised by seeing if we could fit it ALL in and somewhat winging it.

Well, the whole night was kind of a fail, I'll tell you that right now. We went all the way downtown to Bayfront Park and never once found a single busker, let alone a whole Buskerfest full of performers. LAME. But everyone was starving while we there, so we stopped to nosh. The kids just wanted Auntie Anne's pretzels, which was fine by me. I found a place selling lamb gyros, which is kind of a must-do for Rob, so I bought him one while he was unaware of the happenings. Not a yum for me, but hey, whatever floats your boat, Babe.


And here I am, with my still-puffy allergy face, crossing an item off my Bucket List: I tried Bubble Tea!! From the menu, I chose Green Apple flavor, with green tea, and tapioca and mango popping bubbles. It was... interesting. I definitely got full off my meal-in-a-drink, so a lot of sharing happened. Rob hated it, but the kids pretty much bogarted my beverage, which was fine except I wanted one more bubble, and I didn't get it. Not cool, kids. Not cool.

We'll just have to try another variety again sometime!


As for the Garden exploration, we missed that entirely, so that was a bust. And then we raced to Coral Gables to the girls to the magical, mystical Harry Potter party. Oh, my God. I went around and around, trying to find parking before finally barely slowing down to kick them out of the car on the fly to go themselves, while Jack and I continued our fruitless search for a place to park. At looong last, we found a spot, just as Rob was texting me, "It's lame. The girls want to leave." Seriously?!!  So there I was, kind of lost (because the Gables' Miracle Mile area is kind of a mess for a non-directional person like myself), driving 'round and 'round with my GPS yapping at me, looking for them to pick up and swoop home. I finally found them, after blocking traffic and several somewhat, uh, illegal creative moves, and off we went.

In order to save the night for my disappointed kids - at least a little bit - we drove to McDonald's and bought five hot fudge sundaes. It helped. A small amount, but it helped. Who can be sad during ice cream time?!

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