Christmas 2016: Advent Day Five
Christmas 2016: Advent Day Eight

Christmas 2016: Advent Days Six And Seven


For the 6th day of Advent, we went up to the Kendall/South Miami area to look at some houses with pretty lights. These were advertised in the newspaper, so I figured they'd be amazing.



Don't get me wrong, the lights were pretty good, but...



... for being written up in the newspaper, I expected something ... more. I remember going to a light spectacular at a home in St. Pete before I met my husband, and you could go in, walk through the maze of billions of lights, and then go in and have hot chocolate or something afterward. This was not the case here.


Not to mention, my kids were just kind of "meh" about the whole experience. So that turned out to be a dud. Oh well, live and learn. And trust me, I am so learning what it's like to do "kid-friendly" or "family-friendly" activities with teenagers who couldn't give a good gosh darn about what it is we are doing here.

So, meh. That was Day 6. This was only the first house; Rob had to drive us to the second house after I grew too sleepy to drive, and I didn't even get out to take pictures!



Our 7th Day of Advent activity was to go take the dogs to visit with and get their pictures taken with Santa at one of the largest malls in the county. If not the biggest. It turned out that none of us were really up to such a brave excursion. Wha?! They were disappointed we couldn't bring our cats to Santa - hello, scratch, scream, and run away would have been the order of the day - so they were in turn peeved at the dogs. Because, you know, that's completely the fault of canines everywhere.

Whatevs. I, who can never wait to give a gift to anybody I love, decided that instead, we would open another present, each! Robert went first.

I accidentally deleted the photo of Rob opening his gift, but it was just a couple of these Strawesome straws - I don't even know the width I ordered, because I deleted the emails of the order once I received it! Oh well. They're pretty okay, and the kids keep asking to use them, but by no means were they supposed to "WOW" him. And, no, they did not. Haha!!


It was my turn next. Forgive the puffy face and everything. Whatever my autoimmune issue is, I've been filled out like a balloon from repeat allergic reactions to some unknown off and on lately, and that day, I was swollen. But moving on...


Swollen feet, too. But regardless, Rob gave me this pair of slippers i had my eye on from IKEA the other day, because we have cold (often in need of a sweeping) tile floors. I hate walking on them. Slippers to the rescue! Thanks, Honey!


We continued opening presents in descending age order. You can see that Chloë's eye was still bothering her from surgery two days prior, but for the most part, she has done extremely well since the stents were taken out.


Because Chloë is obsessed with France and definitely all things Paris, I gave her this JAFRA gift set including our new Paris Et Moi fragrance, with a travel size spritzer to keep in her purse. She loved it!


Jack was next. See that gift tag? I bought two sets of those (you can kind of see the one on Chloë's paquete, too) on super clearance at IKEA for pennies. They were so cute!


Jack is extremely excited here, because i gave him a Gemini Jet, in this case for Pakistan International airline. The kid is mad about Gemini Jets lately and wants to acquire the entire line-up of their offerings, the airport, and all the other accoutrements that go with them. Oh, for the love, here we go...


Last, but certainly not least, it was Sophia's turn. I think her strategy was to go for the puffy - rather than hard - packages first, thinking those would be clothes and she could get those out of the way and arrive at the "good stuff." Hahaha! Well, I hate to think she was disappointed, but you know. We are on a pretty tight budget for Christmas this year, thanks to moving to Idaho in a few months!


Well, she was right. It was a bright pink puffer jacket for when we do make that move. Pink. Did I mention that either she newly despises, or I am newly aware of this hatred, pink?! Oh, man. She played along as best she could and even wore it out a few times, so I hope she doesn't loathe this coat entirely. She'll be needing it up there!

That's it for Days 6 & 7! More to come...