Christmas 2016: Advent Day One
Saturday 9: Snowbird

Christmas 2016: Advent Days Two And Three


Sophia pulled down the 2nd day's Advent treat baggie, and passed it to ...

DSC_3851 (1)

Jack! We continued doing that for oh... one more day? Maybe? Before I decided to have the same person do all the things, out of frustration with remembering who did what the two days prior.


The 2nd day's treats were Christmas tree lollipops or, as Robert and half the country calls them, "suckers."

Advent Day 2 (2)

That day, a Friday, our Advent activity was supposed to be to go down the road to the Homestead Miami Speedway, where the kids could watch Daddy drive a racecar around the track for a few laps. However, because of his brain tumor surgery, Rob didn't feel comfortable driving, and no one wanted to go and just watch a bunch of strangers drive. So... we opted for Mom's back-up plan: Head to downtown Homestead for the tree-lighting ceremony.

Only, we're going to call this plan a Fail, for three reasons:

  • We were late, and the tree was already lit when we got there,
  • This lady's rather voluminous arse was bent down in front of the tree for so many minutes, I finally gave up and took the picture anyway... and the photo was blurry, and
  • The event was otherwise lame.

Oh well, can't win 'em all, right?

Advent Day 2

Except for Rob. He won it, because I gave him a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey (and also a bottle of spiked eggnog). He stumbled into bed that night (morning??) at God-knows-what hour and woke me up, whispering all kinds of filth into my ear. It's funny now, but at the time, I wanted to slug him! Ha!



On Saturday last week, Chloë pulled down the third day of Advent's baggie.


The treat of the day was blueberry candy canes for all the kids, and I'll get to the activity in a moment. But first...


So this wasn't part of our Advent, but it happened that day, so I'm including it. Chloë, my frequent traveling companion, and I went out to Bee Heaven Farm here in the Redlands Farming area of Homestead. We get a weekly Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) share from Bee Heaven, and it's always wonderful. The food is organically produced, and fresh food is always needed 'round this house! We also get, besides our small share of veggies, a Mediterranean share. The first year it was Lebanese ful, which was delicious, and this week it was hummus. Also amazing, but I ate it before I took the photo. Oops!!


Back to Advent: The night before, Rob and I snuck out to the store to pick up some salami, a cheese log, and Triscuit crackers (two of the kids' favorite!), along with a bottle of sparkling grape juice. After the farm trip, I set it up while no one was paying attention to me (what else is new?!) and then called them over to partake of it.


They loved it!! The kids said a toast to Christmas and Advent and each other first. We even let them use the good wedding crystal from our friends Lisa and Faris. That was a bonus. Lucky duckers.