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Saturday 9: Snowbird

I'm back with a vengeance! Well, I'm back, anyway! 

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Saturday 9: Snowbird (1971)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.


1) In this song, Elvis wants the snowbird to fly away and take the snow back with her. Have you seen a measurable snowfall yet this season?

No, but it's a chilly 71ºF here in Homestead (Miami), Florida right now. We might even get some rain later!

2) Drivers in snowy climes are encouraged to keep salt, sand or kitty litter in the trunk because those items can help a car regain traction in the snow. Do you have an emergency kit in your car right now? If so, what's in it?

Other than jumper cables, I think not. We'll have to get used to doing that again when we move to Idaho in April!

3) Back in 2007, North Dakota set the world record for the most snow angels made at one time (8,910). Do you enjoy playing in the snow?

No, but my kids are super excited to live in a snowy area next year. I don't know how I'll do, I really don't, but if they are happy, then I plan to be happy, too! Maybe I'll learn to ski?

4) Chionophobia is the fear of snow. Astraphobia is the fear of thunder and lightening. Lilapsophobia is the fear of tornadoes and hurricanes. Do you have to cope with any of these fears?

No, but I don't like the snow and cold. Not the same, I recognize.
5) Elvis' daughter Lisa Marie split her childhood between Memphis and Los Angeles, so she seldom saw snow. When she was a little girl, she was whisked off to Denver in her father's private plane so the two of them could spend an afternoon playing in the snow. If you could take off and spend the afternoon anywhere in the world, where would you go?

If I could be whisked off anywhere myself, I'd take Rob and go to Sydney, Australia.

If I could whisk off Chloë, of course I would take her to Paris.

If I could whisk off Jack, I'd take him to outer space.

If I could whisk off Sophia, hmm... I'd take her wherever she could ride a pegasus amongst the rainbows.

6) At home and onstage, Elvis refused to wear jeans and only wore denim if a film role demanded it. This is because when he was young, classmates teased him for "dressing poor" in jeans and coveralls. What did you wear to class when you were in grammar school?

I wore things like Gap and whatnot. We were not poor. We did okay... or at least that was the illusion my parents wanted the world to see. We had all the fancy things one could want: a huge house, cruise vacations, nice clothes, half a dozen cars in the driveway. The only thing we were missing was love. There was none of that.

7) Elvis and President Jimmy Carter are distant relatives (the President is the sixth cousin of the King's great grandfather). Your turn: Tell us about one of your more interesting relatives.

My grandfather was a hoot and a saint. His mother's maiden name was Lincoln. My grandmother convinced me as a child that we were related to Abraham Lincoln, a "truth" she held until her death. When I mentioned it, much later on, to Grandpa, he about died laughing at the trick. I was so disappointed! But they were fun grandparents, and they were the only thing that made my childhood worth having (after my mom died).

8) In 1971, when Elvis released his recording of "Snowbird," You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown was a hit on Broadway. Who is your favorite Peanuts character?

I think it has always been Schroeder. No matter what Lucy does to annoy him, he just bangs away steadfastly at that piano. He's kind of unknowable in that regard. I think Lucy and Schroeder remind me a lot of my husband and myself, come to think of it! (I'm the obnoxious one, in case you didn't have the inkling.)

9) Random question: You receive a gift certificate from a gourmet food company that can be redeemed for one of these three things: 1 lb. of caviar, 5 lbs. of steak or a 10 lb., live lobster. Which would you choose?

I would choose the caviar, though I would much prefer 10 lbs of hummus, with cheese and spinach and pita and... you get the gist. I haven't eaten a steak in about 22 years, and I would not want to be killing the lobster, no no no. Caviar it must be!


Fun to be back! Missed y'all! What's going on in your worlds? I hope to find out later, when things are quieter around here.