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Random Snaps


Sophia brought me this gigantic hibiscus flower from the bushes outside. I can never stop this child from bringing me flowers picked from the property. Eh. Anyway, it was so enormous, I needed a photo.


Chloë's hair has gotten so long, and she just has so much of it, it starts to become a tangled mess in her sleep if we don't braid it before bed. Even though she's 15, she looks so cute and wee when her hair is in plaited piggytails, doesn't it? I love it.


Jack and Rob were making mac & cheese and sausage in the kitchen when I came in with my camera. This expression, a frequent visitor to Jack's countenance, represents his reaction of surprise and distrust. "What are you doing? Why are you taking my picture?"


It was a pretty good weekend. Tomorrow, for MLK Day, we're going to play hooky from school and go visit the Florida Everglades National Park. After all, we've never really been in the official park, and I think we should go take the opportunity for a free park day while the Everglades are right down the road. Stay tuned for pictures of that!

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