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Saturday 9: A Summer Place


Saturday 9: A Summer Place (1960)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song highlights the soundtrack from the movie A Summer Place, which is about two teenage lovers named Molly and Johnny. Did you ever have a youthful summer romance? If so, what was his/her name?
Yes, with a guy named Alan. We met at the beautiful Venetian Pool in Coral Gables, FL, where I had just finished up my degree at the University of Miami. It was just a summer fling. Fun, but fleeting. I'd forgotten all about that, as it was [gasp] 20 years ago!!

2) The "summer place" of the song/movie is a resort along the Maine coast. What "summer place" are you day dreaming about this winter morning?
IMG_20170118_080123 IMG_20170119_162538_446
I'm kind of doing the opposite. Our planned departure from Miami for the state of Idaho is about March 10th. Currently, I'm storing up images of our sojourn here in Florida from the past four years in order to help bring me to warmer days when I'm cold to the bone in Boise!

3) In the movie, Johnny was played by Troy Donahue, who is remembered as nice looking but not terribly talented. Can you think of one of today's actors who you could describe as "nice looking but not terribly talented?"
Related image
Not really. Honestly, I don't even know who the new up-and-comers are, because I rarely pay attention to TV and movies at present. All of my choices for "nice-looking" (cough Matt Damon cough) have already proven themselves as actors, I think.

4) Molly is played by Sandra Dee, a perky blonde who was one of 1960's bankable movie stars. Two other blondes -- Doris Day and Debbie Reynolds -- joined Sandra Dee in the Top 10. The only brunette to sell a lot of movie tickets that year was Elizabeth Taylor. Do you believe men find blondes more attractive than brunettes or redheads? 
IMG_20161118_203647  IMG_20170121_075931

I don't know. I guess it depends on the guy. Maybe more guys find blondes more attractive than there are guys who find the rest of us so, but it's not something I'm going to worry about at this stage in my life. By the way, I was told I would look "hotter" if I dyed my hair black (it's dark reddish-brown, so... auburn? I guess?), and I did in late November. I HATED it. Thank goodness it's back to normal-ish now that I've stripped that color out. Which do you prefer? (Lord, I am so unphotogenic. I look goofy in both pix!)

5) "A Summer Place" was by far the best-selling record of 1960. Also in 1960, two brothers in Ypsilanti, Michigan, opened a pizza place called Dominick's. That was the beginning of a chain now known as Domino's. What's the last food you had delivered to your front door?
Image result for Papa Johns
I don't support everything they're about in this operation, so this was definitely a work-related purchase. ;)

6) In 1965, one of the brothers sold his share of the business to his brother for cash so he could buy a VW Beetle. Tell us about a time you had buyer's remorse.

Image result for aroma food dehydrator
Oh. Isn't this silly? This ^^^ is the food dehydrator I bought almost 10 years ago. I think I have used it exactly once. I'm going to sell it before we move, I think. But when I Googled for this picture, I found its current update looking much more sleek and modern:
Image result for aroma food dehydrator
And now I want to buy it all over again! Ha! What a sucker for kitchen appliances I am!
7) In 1960, novelist Ernest Hemingway returned to the United States from Spain and settled in Ketchum, Idaho. Tell us about the last book you read. Was it a novel or non-fiction?

Image result for just one thing book
Right now I'm reading Just One Thing: Developing a Buddha Brain One Simple Practice At a Time, by Rick Hanson, Ph.D. I just started it and am still on the long, long introduction, so no practices have been, um, practiced as of yet. I have high hopes!
8) In December, 1960, John F. Kennedy, Jr. was baptized in the Georgetown University Chapel. His godparents were Charles and Martha Bartlett, the couple who originally introduced young John's famous parents. Do you have godparents?
Well, now I'm going to go peep in my baby book, which is my most cherished gift that I have from my mother's things. (Well, other than the self-fulfilling prophecy wherein she wrote that I am lazy. I try to fight that every day, though. She also wrote I did not wipe my butt well during potty-training, but never mind that right now... hahaha!) So Mom said my godparents are ... Well, fudge. That book is already packed and under a pile of boxes. Guess you'll have to take a raincheck on that, because I don't know!
9) Random question: You're at dinner with a married couple who begins to fight. Would you intercede and try to make peace? Or would you just sit back stay out of it?
Oh, hell no. That is sacred ground over which I shall not cross. NO outsiders should trespass in a marriage (or any other relationship I can think of, really) unless one or both people are in any kind of pain or trouble. If one of them starts hitting the other, for example. my Mama Bear instincts would come right out, and I would have to involve myself. (With my phone. And the police. You know.) Interested to see what y'all have to say about this!
Welp, that was an interesting note on which to end, huh?  Thanks for stopping by!