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Sundays In My City: Our New Home In Boise, Idaho

Unknown Mami
Hey, guys! I'd like to show you a little more of our new adventures in Boise, but since it was raining today and we couldn't drive around and get ourselves lost today after church like I planned, that will have to wait for next week's SIMC, I suppose. 
Unknown Mami
Thanks to Claudya, aka the Unknown Mami, for hosting this fun weekly round-up! So let's get started here, shall we?
The drive from Miami to Boise was more like a sprint, but once we got up into the mountains and approached our new home, the views were welcoming and exciting. We see these mountains almost everywhere we go in Boise!
I never knew I was a mountain person until I started living in the mountains. I mean, it's beautiful. We've only been here 9 days, but I still get excited with every glimpse I get of them!
Rob took this picture of our first approach into Boise. Excitement building here!
Here are our kids and two dogs, playing in the backyard for the first time. They do this EVERY DAY, and I love that. Tapioca, our bigger doggo (the Chiweenie), gets the zoomies when she's outside with the kids, and it's pretty fargin' hilarious to watch. And so I encourage it.
Our landlady told me that the best - and least expensive - grocery shopping was at WinCo Foods, so I took her up on the suggestion. It was a "wow" moment! So huge and so... interesting at every turn. I didn't expect that. Nor did I expect all the craft beers I found everywhere in the cooler section. I just had to take a picture of this Voodoo Ranger carton. 

Speaking of craft beers, there is a microbrewery supplies store just down the road from us. I wouldn't mind Rob trying his hand at it, but they ALSO have cheese-making supplies! Squeee! I have that on my Bucket List, so I will be visiting there soon!
Right now, we don't have any furniture yet, so our bedroom is literally nothing but the dogs and their toys. And by "their toys," I really mean Tapi's. Can you see Paco, our tiny Chihuahua, snuggled up there in the background?
One of the first things we did was hang up the Polynesian mask Rob and I bought in Guam 14 years ago, in the Chamorro Village down by the capital city of Tumon. The mask is a "good devil," or so we were told, whose purpose is to ward off the evil spirits in your home and around you. So front and center, it goes.
Oh, what's this? No furniture?! Poo. A very lovely lady gave us this kitchen table and five chairs, so now at least we have a place to sit and eat. And compute. I'm sitting there right now, actually.
The same kind lady gave us a dresser for Chloe's room, about which she was extremely excited. Don't mind her hair. That crazy mop took daaaaays to fix after our long drive in the car.
Another cool thing, if you like trains, is the track right outside our backyard. Jack goes running everytime he hears that engineer's horn hooonk hooonk hooonking in the distance. 
I like it, too. Doesn't bother me a bit. Tapioca gets a little barky sometimes, but it's not too bad.
Here's my little sunshine girl, Chloe, whose hair has much improved since those days in the car!
That section of our backyard doesn't look so great right now, but Rob is already trying to grow potatoes there! I hope he's successful, because potatoes. YUM.
I attempted to get a picture of the mountain view from our backyard, but alas, it's not so great. The trees wouldn't move out of the way no matter how politely I asked.
This is the view from our front door. We live on a cozy little cul-de-sac and have met several of our neighbors. In the blue house across the way, there's Gladys the Neighborhood Watch Captain, who baked and brought us some delicious cookies that Chloe described as tasting like pancakes with syrup. Next to her, a little boy named Brady lives with his mom (and dad? I don't know yet), Ashley. Jack has made friends with Brady. Next door, our neighbors were equally welcoming, and Jack has made friends with Layton and his younger brother, whose name we forget. Anyway, all this to say: We love it in this neighborhood!
In our front yard, there is a rose bush! I can't wait to see what flowers bloom there later this year. I hope they're not pink, but I'll be delighted with them no matter what, I'm sure.
And lastly, but not leastly, here is our unassuming little house. It has a wheelchair ramp for the gentleman who lived here before us, but it's convenient for schlepping in all kinds of things from the car! There's a little garden to the left front, but it's only just starting to show. All in all, it's a darling little house, and we absolutely adore living here.
So that's it for now. Next week, hopefully, I'll have much more of the environs to show you!
Thanks again, Unknown Mami, for the linkup!