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Walking In A Boise Spring Evening

I am SO behind on my blog, as usual, but the past two weeks have seen me in incredibly intense pain.

Nevertheless, Chloë and I went for a brisk walk earlier this evening, and I brought my trusty camera with me to see what I could capture.

1504 roses' Tulips

Here are some pinky tulips surrounding a rose bush that hasn't bloomed yet, in our front yard. There are quite a lot of tulips in our yard, actually, but I'll only show a few bunches here.

1504 Far Yard Tulips

Whoever lived here before planted all different colors, as you can see - I think they're beautiful! Though I might have done it a little differently. But, we'll be here long enough to make whatever changes are necessary...

1504 Pink Orange Tulips

I adore these orangey-yellow tulips in the far corner of our lawn. So colorful!

Neighbor Yellow Tulips

A neighbor of ours has his tulips all color-specific in large bunches like this, which I think I prefer.

Gladys' House

Our neighbor-lady, G, doesn't have many flowers in her front yard, but I still love it. It's so kitschy-chic, if that's a thing. ;) She brought us cookies our first week here, which was really cool of her!

Neighbor Daffodils

I adore monocotyledons more than dicots, and daffodils are amongst my favorites of flowers. Another neighbor's yard sports this gorgeous bunch!

Tree Nest

Look! A robin's nest! Spring is definitely on its' merry way!

Spring Lawn

Such a pretty yard, with lots of tulips and little tiny phlox-y looking things. My botany knowledge is severely lacking, so please forgive me for that!

Empty Lot Tulips

In an empty lot around the corner from us, tulips even grow. I love this!

Phlox Blank Lot

More... phlox??... in that empty lot. Lovely!


Walking toward home, we spotted a number of little red-breasted robins. A definite sign that Spring is here.

Neighbors' White Tree

I don't know what kind of tree this is - anyone know - but it was lovely!

Oil Spill

I took this photo of the rainbow-effect of an unfortunate oil spill just because it will serve to remind me of a conversation between Chloë and me about beauty in even the worst things, like environmental damage seen here, and how we can use our voices to protect Mother Earth when few seem to notice or care...

House For Sale

A modeled house for sale nearby - anyone want to be our neighbors here in Boise? ;)

Rawr Attack Frogs

This neighbor, with dinos and attack frogs, obviously has a sense of humor! I like.

Neighbors' Pretty House

Another neighbor's pretty front walkway Beautiful Neighbor Tulips

On the other hand, from what I said earlier, this clump of multicolored tulips is rather pretty, too. Maybe I do like it that way. I dunno.

Hail on Chloes Arm

And then, as we were rounding the corner for home, it started hailing! Here's some hail on Chloe's arm. Hailing in the midst of all these flowers blooming. That's Spring for ya.

Welp, that's it for that walk. It was too cold to continue!