Jack's 14th Birthday
Saturday 9: The Tide Is High

Backyard Bonfire

Bonfire 003

Jack is very suggestible. You put an idea in the kid's head that sounds like it might be a good one, and he latches onto it and mentions the thing at least daily.  When, recently, I brought home some graham crackers, he got the notion in his head that there should be marshmallows and chocolate, too. And so, I heard every day until this most recent payday about having S'mores.

Bonfire 004

Robert is our resident survival expert. I mean, he seriously is - he was an Aircrew Survival Equipmentman in the United States Navy for the better part of the 20 years he served our country. So he knows about setting fires in the backyard. Do I? Not on your life. But I do know something about shopping! Thus, Rob was in charge of building a bonfire to make the S'mores for which I was in charge of bringing home the goodies. And that we did.

Bonfire 006

The blaze was going furiously for a minute there while I stepped inside to get warmed up. It was a chilly night, and I don't do chilly very well. Plus I had the excuse of needing to ready the Hershey bars and graham crackers. As we all know, that is a job of utter seriousness.

Bonfire 011

Can we talk about this child? Like her mother, she prefers being barefoot over any shoe in the world, but Sophie takes it to the extreme. She climbs trees, walks the dog, and clearly, roasts marshmallows with naked piggies. Which reminds me, is her tetanus shot up to date? Hmm...

Bonfire 013

And what about the lad who inspired the evening's fire-meets-'shmallow hijinks? He kept getting them caught on fire and subsequently giving them away. To me. I don't care; burnt martianmallows are the singular food I'll deign to eat. Don't give me anything else charred - yuck! But I can handle these like nobody's business.

Bonfire 016

I think this grumpy face was inspired by having give away marshmallow #3 after it caught fire. Or #4. I kinda lost count.

Bonfire 017

This girl, on the other hand, and her sister were quite delighted with the experience. Honestly, so was Jack; he just needed help perfecting his roasting technique. Now, the fire pit has since been re-filled and re-covered and is devoid of any evidence. Perhaps we'll have to install an actual fire pit and make this a regular occurrence! It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, after all!