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Jack's 14th Birthday


Okay, so, considering Jack's birthday was March 22nd, I'm a little late,.. but better late than never?? 

The first thing he wanted to do when he woke up was make us some pancakes. That's right; he wanted to cook for us! We didn't stop him, of course, and the pancakes were outstanding!


All Jack really wanted to do was go to the Boise airport, which is right down the road from us. We tried and tried, walked all over creation down there, and never managed to get close enough to see planes taking off. So it was kind of a bummer, but we were determined to make the most of his day.


We took one family selfie (ussie) by the airport before heading off in search of more fun.


Jack had a free pizza coming to him from Grimaldi, so we headed out to Meridian and waited for Jack's order. He actually deigned to pose somewhat cheerfully for me. A feat.


We took Jack's pizza and skedaddled across the street to Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park to eat it. We all agreed: it was seriously delicious. I'll have another, please!


After we ate, everyone took off in different directions. starting with Jack on the exercise equipment section of the park. He loves working out and trying to bulk up.


The girls, meanwhile, were having a tremendous time swinging together at the swingset. (Click to embiggerate.)


Sophia then headed over to the exercise park herself, and though her form was not exactly proper, she still looked cute trying!




Finally, Chloe quit the swings and joined us over in the exercise park.






After the exercise park, the kids headed over to the playground equipment for som
e more big fun.


By that point, I wanted to play on the zipline and the rest of the playground, too, so Rob grabbed the Nikon and snapped a few pictures for me - and of me. Look, I was there, too! ;)


The ziplines around Boise parks are SO fun!


At that point, Jack had gotten a little grumpy, so his dad shocked him - and lots of people - by loudly asking the ENTIRE PARK to sing "Happy Birthday" to him - and they did! He was so mortified, but I'm pretty sure he was pleased, too! ;)


After the song was sung, we got back to playing as though nothing had ever happened. But we knew it had, as Jack's grumpy mood had dissipated.


We went in search of Friendly's after that, for Jack's free birthday sundae, but we never found it. Rather, we found ourselves back in Boise at Camel's Back Park with its huge hill. I call it a mountain, because it's really tall and steep. The kids all started up, but Jack suddenly turned heel and came running straight back down! He hurtled toward us, terrified at how slippery the slope was. The girls only made it about halfway before they, too, gave up. Turns out this would be a challenge for another day.


He just kept looking back, yelling at how steep it was. LOL!


Sophia and Chloe trying to climb the steep slope


At last, we headed home. Near our house, on Federal Way, there is a scenic lookout point, at which we stopped so I could take a few pictures.


There really is no shortage of beautiful views here in Idaho. We love it here. Wanna come visit? :D

Happy 14th birthday, Jack!!