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Field Trip: The Peregrine Fund At The World Center For Birds Of Prey

Saturday 9: Stars And Stripes Forever

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everyone! Link up here if you're playing along this week!

Saturday 9: Stars and Stripes Forever by The Muppets
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

Memorial Day is the federal holiday designated to honor American service people who died in battle. Though our song choice is humorous, we honor their sacrifice in our hearts.

1) Memorial Day was introduced after the Civil War. War memorials, as well as the graves of veterans, are to be decorated with flags and flowers on this day to show our appreciation. Is there a war memorial in your neighborhood?

In my neighborhood? No, but I'm sure there is some sort of war memorial somewhere in Boise. I'm really not sure.

2) Andrew Johnson, our 17th President, was in office the first time Memorial Day (then called Decoration Day) was celebrated. Have you ever met one of our 45 Presidents? 
No, but I really would have loved to have meet a few, especially Obama.
3) According to the AAA, 36 million Americans will hit the road this weekend and drive more than 50 miles. Will you be traveling far from home this weekend? 
Not this weekend, no, but I do have some upcoming travel plans...
4) Memorial Day kicks off the summer season. What's your favorite picnic food? 
I'd have to say I like the experience of a fun picnicking gathering with my friends and family more than any specific food.
5) Have you packed away your winter clothes? Or is the weather still so changeable that you still may need something warm?
I'm wearing sweat pants and a tank top, and I'm sitting on a heating pad. Our weather here seems wholly unpredictable!
6) As you answer these questions, is there an air conditioner or fan on? 
I believe the AC is on, because my family doesn't get chilled to the bone as easily as I do, but the fans are off.
7) This week, we are featuring the Muppets. Jim Henson made the first Muppet out of an old coat, and he used ping pong balls for the eyes. Do you have a talent for do-it-yourself/arts and crafts projects? 
Yeah, I guess you could say that. I'm pretty crafty. I miss my glue gun! haha
8) Random question: Think of the last thing you bought. Did you get a good deal?
Yes, I'm pretty thrifty. We bought our current couch for $29 plus a military discount at the ReStyle thrift store recently. It's sooo comfy. But our puppy has chewed about 30 different spots on it already, arghhh! Good thing it was inexpensive! :\
9) Crazy Sam needs your help: What song or a performer would you like to see featured in a Saturday 9 this summer? You'll begin seeing your suggestions as Saturday 9 themes in mid-June. Thanks!
How about Fastball, or Marcy Playground, or Tracy Chapman if we haven't done her yet, or Maroon 5? I could suggest so many, but y'all may not listen to that stuff like I do! :\ LOL
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