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Saturday 9: C Is for Cookie
Don't blame Sam. Harriet requested Cookie Monster.

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This week's featured artist, Cookie Monster says his favorite TV show is Monsterpiece Theater. What show do you try never to miss?
Well, none really, since we have no TV service currently (who provides service in Boise aside from DirecTV?!! We have yet to figure that out)... but when we do, Jeopardy! has been Rob's and my evening date for the entire 16.5 years we've been together. We try very hard to be together for what we call "Shout at the TV" time. Fifteen-year-old Chloë - and occasionally the younger two - try to join us and play along with us, too. We love when they get some right!

2) Though he goes by Cookie Monster professionally, he is still called Sid by his family. When will you next get together with your relatives?
Is that true?! I didn't know that. :) Our oldest niece, Karen, will graduate next June. My sister and I are hoping we can fly to New York to watch and be a part of that celebration in  2018. Also, on my husband's side, we will be heading to Missouri sometime soon to help spread Hubs' mother's ashes.

3) Now for the cookie questions! Where do you weigh in on this age-old controversy: Is a brownie a cookie or a cake?
It's definitely not a cookie, but I prefer brownies a thousand times more than cake, so... it's neither. Brownies are their own category!

4) Fig Newtons contain no cholesterol. Do you read nutrition labels before eating snacks? Or does knowing the truth about your favorite sweets ruin your enjoyment?
I'm a label reader. I'm sensitive to a lot of ingredients in foods, so I have to know. Also, my cholesterol levels are awesome, but the rest of my numbers are all over the map, so I need to know what's going into my body. My kids and husband can eat pretty much whatever they want and not worry about weight or whatever, so they rely on my grocery shopping skillz to give them all they need to know. :P

5) Biscotti are designed for dipping into drinks. Do you like to dunk your cookies? 
First of all, I hate biscotti. Yuck, a cookie should not be hard enough to break a tooth! My son Jack, on the other hand, loves biscotti. I'm not a cookie dunker, usually, but all three kiddos get pouty if I've made chocolate chip cookies and we are out of milk for dunking. And forget about Chloë, who dunks the weirdest food into the weirdest drinks. I think yesterday she was dipping I-can't-remember-what sweet treat into her Sunny D. She's a nut.

6) Do you prefer cookies made with milk chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips or semi-sweet chocolate chips? Or are you a rebel who prefers butterscotch chips?
Big fat NOPE on the butterscotch chips. I prefer semi-sweet chocolate chips for cookies. At Christmastime, though, when I like to go crazy baking different goodies, I like to mix things up and use all of the above (but can we please sub peanut butter chips for the butterscotch??).

7) Bill Murray once said, "Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason I have trust issues." Do you like raisin cookies?
Hahaha! Yes, I do, but again the kids get pouty if they're expecting choc chip and the cookies turn out to be oatmeal raisin.

8) Nabisco still sells animal-shaped cookies in a red box that looks like a train car labeled, "Barnum's Animals." However Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus gave their last-ever performance on May 21, 2017. Have you ever been to the circus?
As a kid, yes, my grandparents took me. They were amazing grandparents and made as much of my childhood not be complete shit as they possibly could. However, I have never taken my kids to the circus. I learned all about the behind-the-scenes horrors that they subjected their animals to, and I definitely wasn't going to be supportive of that.
9) Have you ever received a memorable fortune in a fortune cookie?
I try to save all of the fortune cookie fortunes from our family meals as possible, going back to the beginning. Hubs' and my first date was at a Chinese restaurant! I can't remember anything specifically memorable, but there is the Chinese proverb "May you lead an interesting life," that has rung true in our marriage time and time again.
Lots of fun questions for this week. Thanks, Sam! Glad you stopped by. :)