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Sundays In My City: Backyard Surprises

Sundays In My City
Hi again! I'm playing two weeks in a row, y'all! This must be a record for me. Link up here if you want to play along with Claudya and the rest of the SiMC gang this week!
This weekend, I have not been feeling well at all, and after going out for a quick mystery shop/dinner date with Hubs, all my spoons were gone. (If you're not familiar with "The Spoon Theory" by Christine Miserandino, this will help explain it. In the article, the writer has Lupus. I have Lyme Disease, not Lupus, but everyone initially thought what I had was Lupus... so I imagine my chronic pain must make the same amount of sense between "spoonies" and "non-spoonies," you know?)
Anyway, when we got home from dinner, my 15-year-old Chloë excitedly told me we had persimmons growing on the big tree in our backyard. We had guessed much earlier on, right after moving here to Boise, Idaho, that it was a persimmons tree, so it was about time! I sent her out with my Nikon to take a few snaps, because I just couldn't do it: no more spoons. Here are her photos:
Pics by Chloe 001
See 'em?!!
Pics by Chloe 003
Squee! They're so green and tiny!
Pics by Chloe 002
And there are SO many! I can't wait until they turn orange. I've never eaten a persimmons; have you?
Oh, and Chloë left me one last picture on the camera as a surprise:
Pics by Chloe 009
It's faint, but it's definitely there - can you see it? I love rainbows. They cheer me up considerably.
It was enough to give me back one of my 'spoons.' Good job, Chloë!!
Thanks for stopping by. Happy weekend!
P.S. I so hate when Typepad re-formats my posts for me. Gah! I do leave spaces between paragraphs so it's not one long braindump. Sorry, peeps.