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Field Trip: Fort Running Bear Park


On Thursday, Team Odette had the pleasure of heading out eastward in Idaho, past Mountain Home where a there is a heavier military presence, to Fort Running Bear RV Park. It seemed like a cool place to visit, so I set it up with the owners for us to come out for the day and check it out, before committing to a full overnight visit sometime.


After we were checked in, the girls were swinging happily on the deck. All was well and good. And then...


Jack started waving and pointing frantically off to the side of the deck, while I was just happily clicking along, ignoring him. Finally, he became insistent that I have a look. I'm glad I did!


There wer ea pair of hummingbirds visiting a sugar feeder there! So cute and tiny! I couldn't get too close, for fear of scaring them away. They stuck around quite awhile!


The land area around Fort Running Bear Park was gorgeous. Breathtaking, even, in some places. I'd fallen asleep while Rob drove us to the park, so I didn't get to see half the views, but it was really stunning. I wish I'd had more opportunity to snap photos!


Walking to the pool


At the pool, Sophia came rushing out of the restroom with this big ol' moth on her hand. She's our little bug girl. Right now, actually, she's obsessed with rolly-pollies. She brings a new one inside to show us every single day!


The kids had lots of fun in the pool; however, there were lots of bugs and Sophia was bitten - while swimming - by a fire ant. Twice! So beware the buggies.


Just a little bit of the view... merely a peek. Not nearly enough to do the place justice!


By the clubhouse, there was a bench with seats made out of former wheels. Or hubcaps. Rims. I don't know what the hell is what. But Sophia decided to have herself a seat, never-minding the blistering heat. Her poor rump!




There was a half-course miniature golf setup near the clubhouse, where we played after visiting the pool. They had golf clubs of all shapes and sizes, balls, and anything else one could possibly want to play the game. A few more snaps:




By the way, if you know anything about real golf, you can tell that we don't. And we suck. Par two? Pffft. That's a quadruple-triple bogey right there, baby!


Obligatory attempt at being an artistical photographess


These pretty little white fleurs were fairly ubiquitous around the Fort Running Bear property, so I had to grab a pic. And then I discovered that they were all over our own lawn a day or two later, also!


After miniature golf, we found ourselves a hand-built playground and took a ride on the swings. No bum splinters either, fortunately!


Anyone game for a little tetherball?


Giant tires used to be my favorite on my elementary school playground, myself. But what goes up...


...must come down!


How 'bout another swing, this time with Jack, hmm?


Nah, Jack preferred to push Sophia on her swing. He's not the best, um, swinger. Pumper? I don't know, it just doesn't sound good no matter what I write! ;)


Tiger lilies are my favorite flowers. These were pointed out to me by the lovely blonde lass we call Foofers, but alas, no black speckles and stuff. Just orange lilies. That doesn't matter, though - I love all lilies! 'Specially the orange ones.


Finally, we headed into the clubhouse to see what was what. What was was a huge dining room, nicely laid out with fresh flowers on each table, tons of eye-catching knickknacks, and a room at the back with more fun and games.



This, however, was not a fun find. At least for me.


But see? Eye candy! Knickknacks! Board games and more fun!

We were so tired out, thirsty, and hot by that point, that we decided to head home from the park. We cut our visit a little short, but we had the doggos at home waiting for us.


The drive home between Fort Running Bear Park was straight out of God's playbook. Idaho is beautiful country. I am super grateful to have beheld what I did that day, on the drive home. Unfortunately, you won't see it because I was actually doing the driving, which isn't conducive to Nikon-wielding. But trust me when I say that no photos and no words could do the beauty justice. One just has to witness it in person!


Well, would you look at that? Someone put this gratuitous video of a whale spouting rainbows right at the end of this post, speaking of whales... Huh?

Anyway, that's it for now. Thanks to the folks at Fort Running Bear Park for hosting us!