Random Snaps From First Half Of July 2017
O, Canada

Field Trip: Lucky Peak Beach @ Barclay Bay

Lucky Peak Beach 001

On July 7th, Team Odette headed out to a new locale, set up as a playdate for Sophia with one of her new friends from a local homeschoolers' group. We visited Lucky Peak Reservoir, also known as Barclay Bay. This is not the same as Lucky Peak State Park (for those who are sticklers); that's on the other side of the road and costs $5 per car to get in. We needed free, which worked out great for our friends, too. Ha! Another time, we'll do the State Park, but not for now.


Lucky Peak Beach 002

The scenery at the beach was amazing. Ever since we left behind our palm trees and constant sunshine, aka Miami, and came cross-country to Idaho, I have been amazed by the constant beauty everywhere we look. It's like it's just what I never knew I really needed. I love it.

Lucky Peak Beach 004

On the other hand, the water was freezing. Growing up, I spent many summers at the Jersey Shore, so I know what cold water feels like for swimming. You gotta get in, and you gotta get used to it. Acclimate. On the other hand, my Sunshine State-kiddos were a little less ready to use this approach. "Brrr!" they kept complaining. "Ah, just get in, already," was my consistent reply.

Lucky Peak Beach 006

That took awhile for them, so in the meantime, I trained my lens on various spots around the Bay, so I could remember the day in totality.

Lucky Peak Beach 007

It was nothing short of incredible, and I was blown away by it.

Lucky Peak Beach 009

Jack and Rob running around the sand

Lucky Peak Beach 011

Soon enough, Sophie's young friend, G, and her mom arrived at the Bay. I hadn't met her mom before, though Rob had taken our girls to an end-of-year homeschooling party and met her before. I'd met G at her birthday party, where both girls were invited, but it was just a drop-off situation. So we did some getting to know each other. I'm not always good at that, but it worked out nicely.

Lucky Peak Beach 013

The girls played in and around the water together, though I could tell Sophia was torn because she'd made a friend at the park before G arrived! I just sat back and let her work that out, and she did fine sharing her time.

Lucky Peak Beach 014

I don't know what this take-down of Jack by Sophia was about, but it was pretty hilarious. (Don't worry: Jack was laughing, too.) Sophia's pretty fast, faster than her older brother, so he probably tormented her a little know that she'd chase him down. Ah, siblings.

Lucky Peak Beach 018

Afterward, Sophia decided to hop up for a seat on the head of this giant purple dinosaur...

Lucky Peak Beach 019

And then, she hopped right back down again, having found that seat a little too warm for comfort! Indeed, we have had some 100-degree days here, and this day was one of those.

Lucky Peak Beach 020

Boating at the bay made for some fun waves, as the kids bobbed up and down in their wake. The buoy line was quite close to shore, so everyone was kept safe and sound.

Lucky Peak Beach 021

I'm hoping there are jet-ski and kayak/canoe rentals at the State Park side of things, because plenty of people were participating in those activities. Either way, I plan to get a family-size canoe or a couple of small kayaks at some point; seems like there are an abundance of places where they can be used around Idaho!

Lucky Peak Beach 022

While Sophie was hanging out with her buddies, Rob started trying to teach the other two to skip rocks.

Lucky Peak Beach 028

Rob (and later I) skipped rocks fairly easily, having had lots of experience finding just the right stones, flat and rounded, and knowing the flat way to toss them out onto the water.

Lucky Peak Beach 029

Chloë, on the other hand... kerplunk!

Lucky Peak Beach 033

Meanwhile, Sophie and G were busy finding their own treasures in the bay.

Lucky Peak Beach 034

Sophie plunked this gorgeous piece of driftwood down on my blanket (my Young Living kachula), telling me it looked like a snake's skin. I had to agree with her. That one came home with us.

Lucky Peak Beach 037

Soon, I realized I needed to get out of the sun (thanks to my autoimmune issues), so we didn't end up staying quite as long as I'd hoped we could. Sophie and G posed for a sweet picture for me before we packed up to head out of the park.

Lucky Peak Beach 039

The view home was just as amazing. Down there, you can kinda see the other side, Lucky Peak State Park. But look at the bluffs, with their cut-off tops! I was honestly in awe of the view.

Lucky Peak Beach 041

A closer look ... so gorgeous!

Lucky Peak Beach 042

There was one last message for us on the drive home from the park. Remember this, y'all. "Keep Your Forests Green." Yessss...

Have a lovely day!