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Random Snaps From First Half Of July 2017

Diplomas 004

Things big and small have been happening all over the first half of July, so I thought I'd make up a hodgepodge post about those things. One big one? Chloë finished 10th grade, Jack completed 8th, and Sophia is done with 6th. I made them up little certificates to celebrate the occasion.

First Day of School 2017-2018 008

And here they are, after a week's respite, starting 11th grade, 9th grade, and 7th grade! That's right, one week. We school year-round. We take plenty of little breaks around the year, so it all equals out in the end. And I try to give them plenty of breaks in the daytime so that it doesn't seem like, "Oh, my God, Summer is here and we're not having any fun." ;)

Sophia's Too Damn Tall 008

If you hadn't noticed above, Sophia is now taller than I am at 12 years old. She's about 5'2.5", giving her a full inch on me - and still growing. We think she'll be taller than her Dad at the end of the summer. And she loves to lord her height over me!

Sophia's Too Damn Tall 003

And look how much bigger her hands are than mine!

Sophia's Too Damn Tall 006

And her feet. Goodness. This kid knows how to grow.


Also, did I tell you already about Archimedes, the chicken Jack won at a contest in a Parma, Idaho, festival we attended? Well, she has company now...

Chicken Coop 001

...AND she has a new home! The coop is so tiny; I expected it to be my height. So we'll have to add another one or something to make it fair for the growing chickens within.

Chicken Coop 003

Look! Birdy-birds!

Chicken Coop 004

We have a total of ten now. We think one is a rooster, so if that's the case we'll have to get rid of him and exchange for three new hens to make a complete dozen, as the law requires.

Chicken Coop 006

Coop Sweet Coop

Chicken Coop 007

And Jack loves his chicken; Archimedes loves him, too.

Chicken Coop 009

And they have a new feeder and drinker, too. All set! For now.

Chloe headshots 029

Here's an outtake from Chloë's latest photo shots for her acting profile. Her look has changed again, so it's time to update.


Speaking of her look, I just had to show a picture of when she had a super awesome hair day, thanks to the JAFRA hair products I gave her to use. Look at those perfect ringlets! I love them.


In TMI news, Rob and I have had upset tummies lately. Don't know why. But I got a selfie with my "poo" pillow out of it, so that battle isn't completely lost. Or is it? I don't know or care to figure it out.


Recently, Sophia tripped over the wall - yes, I mean the WALL - and broke her baby toe. It hurts like the dickens, poor thing. Hopefully it will heal as well and quickly as her wrist did last year.



Last week, a tiny baby bird fell out of its nest. We checked multiple resources on what to do to help it.



In the end, we made it a substitute nest and our neighbor helped us put it back up in the tree. Mama and Papa bird came and visited it frequently, so we're hoping he made it after all. No clue at this point.

BeFunky Collage

And finally, plenty of good food and bevvies have been enjoyed around here. Just tonight, Rob whipped up some dirty rice while Jack simultaneously dished up pancakes. Don't ask, but I think it's lovely that the boy is turning out to be quite a little cook!

That's it for the first half of July. At least for randomness; I have a few more posts that have too many pictures to be part of this grouping.

Have a lovely day/night, wherever you are.