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Sunday Stealing: The Meme Of Firsts

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Sunday Stealing:  Firsts 

First Job:

I worked as a cashier at Big M Supermarket on State Fair Blvd in Baldwinsville, New York. I LOVED that job, and my customers. We had a lot of regulars, and so I got to know them pretty well. When I graduated high school. one big lumberjack-looking dude bought me a shit-ton of lottery scratch-off tickets. It was such a sweet gesture; I didn't even care that I won nothing.

First Real Job: 

Didn't I just address that? Hm. I guess you could say it was working as a Legal Secretary for James M. Brickley and associates in St. Petersburg, Florida. I was working at a Publix prior to that, while in graduate school, and Jim came through my line. He liked what he saw in me and basically hired me away from there - on the spot!

First Favorite Politician: 

I may get some flak for this, but I really don't give a fecking flip: Barrack H. Obama.

First Car: 

In my senior year of high school, when I still had no license, I bought a red Ford Escort Wagon. From a certain angle of the sunlight hitting it, you could see where a Coca-Cola emblem had been emblazoned on the sides, despite our being told it belonged to one owner: a sweet, little old lady. Humph. I didn't even get to HAVE that car or take it with me to college or anything. My dad kept it - after I spent over a grand on it back in 1993 - and sold it after he didn't change its oil and the engine seized up. I never saw a dime of that money, either. I may be a little bitter about it. ;)

First Record/CD: 

Image result for milli vanilli performance gif

I believe it was these frauds: Milli Vanilli! I don't/didn't really care, either; I still like the music! hahaha

First Sport Played: 

I am neither graceful nor athletic, but I turned out to be a pretty good dancer when I took tap, jazz, and ballet. I wish I'd continued.

First Concert: 

Image result for whitney houston concert performance gif

Whitney Houston, at the NY State Fair, circa 1986? I miss her; but I miss her as clean and healthy.

First Foreign Country Visited: 

Image result for canadian flag

Oh, Canada! We went to Niagara Falls (both sides), Toronto, and Ottawa. All on different trips, when I was a youngster.

First Favorite TV Show: 

Image result for balki bartokomous gif

Perfect Strangers! Co-sin Larry Applaton! haha

First Favorite Actor: 

Image result for hot matt dillon

Matt Dillon, from The Outsiders

First Favorite Actress: 

Image result for phoebe cates

Phoebe Cates in Gremlins and so many other films of that era

First Boyfriend: 

Ken, who turned out to possess a high degree of asshattery.

First Encounter with a Famous Person: 

Image result for hot dave barry

Dave Barry - First and Only

First Brush With Death: 

My first real brush with death was a birth, when I had a serious congenital heart defect that was supposed to require surgery, but my parents opted out of that. Another time, I was hit by a drunk driver on my way back to college in Miami. Third time was my emergency slice-and-dice C-section with my firstborn. That was the most traumatic of the three, by far!

First House/Condo Owned: 

This little townhouse with the bay window, in Virginia Beach, Virginia - first and only. Maybe one day there'll be another purchase. Who knows...?

First Film Seen: 

Image result for ET movie gif

The first flick I can remember seeing was E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, at the drive-in movie theater.

First Favorite Recording Artist: 

Image result for madonna like a virgin gif

Vintage Madonna

First Favorite Radio Station: 

93Q - the Top 40 Hits radio station we (my sisters and I) all listened to

First Book I Remember Reading: 

Image result for dick and jane book

It was a Dick and Jane reader in school; I know I read earlier than that, but what it was, I've no clue.

Image result for richard scarry books

Well, unless you count Richard Scarry picture books...

First Meme You Answered on Your Blog:

I used to participate in a weekly meme, when I first started this blog ten years ago, called "Works For Me Wednesday." Do any of you remember WFMW?  I don't know what I posted first on it, but one was supposed to post a tip, or in today's lingo, a "hack" that might help other bloggers. Obviously, I became wicked famous as a result. heh.


That was enjoyable! I hope you had a big time here. See you soon!