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My Favorite Guy Is 45!

Hey, hey, I'm proud to say, my hubby Rob is 45 today!

Rob's Birthday Socks

Over the course of the month of August, I managed to get a present here, a gift there, for Rob. In 16 years of celebrating his birthdays, I have never ever been able to hold on to his gifts all the way until the end of the month. Not once. I always get too excited to give him presents, and he gives in and accepts my over-eager ways. Hee!

So what my honeybuns really wanted this year were wool socks. He put them on his Amazon Wishlist, writing "lots!" for the quantity. I don't know if four pairs counts as "lots!" but that's what I bought him first. Paco wasn't as thrilled about Daddy's socks.

Rob's Bday Socks 2

Another time, I got a deal on a six-pack of white crew socks, so yay, what a joyous present that was! 

Rob's Birthday Cookware
After that, Macy's had an online deal on some awesome cookware, and so I jumped on that lickety-split. Next day later, after I went to pick it up, Rob received a big griddle pan, and an enormous wok with two handles and a lid. After several uses on these with a metal spatula, it was apparent he also needed the following:

Rob's Birthday cookin' implements

I got, of course, another deal for this silicone pancake flipper and spatula-spoony-scrapy thing. No more potential scratches in the new nonstick cookware!

Rob's Birthday Calculator

As for the Texas Instruments scientific calculator, that was a "must have" more than a "nice to have." Rob's taking some math classes now in order to prepare for his upcoming matriculation at Boise State University, and he needed some calculation tools. His Samsung Galaxy has that ability, somewhat, but those are not allowed during tests. Of course. I'd been saving up my Swagbucks points for a big Amazon gift card, so as soon as I could, I spent them on this helpful tool. Yay for edumacation!


Today, Sophia made chocolate cupcakes for her dad's birthday, with my assistance. Since we still don't have most of our household goods, we only have a 6-hole silicone muffin pan. That means the batter that makes 24 cupcakes is being done in batches, right now as I type this post. No matter; delicious is delicious!


Sophia set up the six cupcakes from the first batch in a flower arrangement, and then I decorated them. Rob hates frosting on his favorite birthday chocolate cake, so we never put it on for him. Okay, I lied; many times I have made his cake in Bundt pan, and I have not been able to resist decorating it with some kind of frosting. Which he hates. For his birthday. Crap! Now I feel rotten about all those times! Anyway, this year, I polled the room and asked who wanted frosting. All three girls were a yes, while Jack eschewed the idea of any adornment to his chocolate cake. Also, we only had a "4" candle from Jack's recent 14th birthday celebration, but no "5" candle; instead, I used the "4" and five regular birthday candles to make up the "45" for my guy's big moment. Hey, it works.


Happy birthday, my love! I hope you have many more years left, during which I will probably continue to annoy the shit out of you. Love you so!