Saturday 9: Wouldn't It Be Nice?
Chicken Portraits

Sophia Arting Around #Homeschooling

I'm terribly sorry this place has been a ghost town, but I've been having a tremendous amount of Lyme-related pain and suffering lately. As a result, we haven't done half the things we've set out to do as a family, and when we're home, I have been knocked out a lot of the rest of the time. Sucks. So I'm wanting to play catch-up in between those manifold naps. Get ready for the barrage! ;)

Draw 3D

Moving on... Chloë and Sophia have been studying art through the artist Mark Kistler's Draw 3D lessons. They began with the freebie course, to see how it would go, and now the girls are working their ways through the course Undersea Adventure. Chloë isn't quite finished, but Sophia - whose favorite subject is Art - has completed hers. Thought I'd show you those works (some of which are admittedly better than others, due to her feeling rushed through some). Shall we, then? Let's:

Sophia's Dinos In Cheese

From the free course: "Dinos in Cheese," which Sophie made to look less like the sample and more like her own style. I like it, a lot actually, but it shows her resistance to being taught new tricks that she feels are unnecessary for her to learn! ;)

Sophia's Marshmallow Mobile

"Marshmallow Mobile," which cracks her up because he looks so scary to her. Silly.

Sophia's Moon Rover

From Space, we have "Moon Rover III" picking up space rubble.

Sophia's Clam

And now moving into the Undersea Adventure course, here is Sophie's vampiresque "Clam," which looks like it's dripping in, uh... marine blood?

Sophia's Dolphin

Here is her cute little "Dolphin."

Sophia's Hermit Crab

The "Hermit Crab" was maybe her least-favorite of this course, and she rushed through it. I think you can tell, especially in the shadowing.

Sophia's Pencil Power

Next up is "Pencil Power," and don't even ask me why there is a pencil in this series of lessons. I have no clue! My only thought is that maybe in the lesson there is a new skill set necessary to learn before moving on in the series. Not sure, though.

Sophia's Whale

The "Whale" was another lesson through which I felt Sophia rushed, but I'm not sure why. It's just okay, to me.

Sophia's Scuba Rex

These last two, "Scuba Rex" here and the next one, are among my favorites. I feel like Sophia enjoyed them, took her time to do the details the way she felt was correct, and they turned out well.

Sophia's Seahorses

And finally, we have Sophia's "Seahorse," to end the course for her. Overall, I think it shows progress and also that there is room for growth, but I think for a 12-year-old taking her first formal Art lessons, the work is pretty darned good!

More later. I need yet another nap.